Saturday, April 5, 2014

Alvin Ailey It Is!!!

I love dance. I have danced my whole life. In high school I was on the dance team and we performed not only in school but all over the city. I was on the dance team in Jr. College and then once I left college…I loved going to the clubs just to get my dance on. I've never been able to get enough of it. Now that I'm older, I still enjoy doing Zumba to get my dance fix.

When I received a Groupon showing Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre was performing in my area I jumped on it! I've always wanted to see them but with 6 kids to feed, sports to pay for and just the everyday basic living expenses, there was never enough money for the entertainment extra's.

Now with the kids grown up, I can do a few things that I've always wanted to. I went home and got on the computer to find those 25.00 seats that I'd seen. But somehow they were gone, the only seats left were 80.00 to 110.00 (out of my budget). A little discouraged I decided to not give up…I called the performing arts center and low and behold they had two left for 25.00 each. I snatched them up. Later that day I asked my hubby if he wanted to go. I showed him a few YouTube videos of the company and he said, "Umm no I think I'll pass." LOL! Okay so he doesn't appreciate that style of dance quite like I do. But I knew one of my besties loved it just as much as I do. To top it off, her birthday was coming up so it worked out perfect.
Tin Tin (Tierna) was just as happy as I was…can ya tell?LOL!
Alvin Ailey Troupe performing "LIFT"

It was an AMAZING show. It was everything that I'd hoped for and more. It made me want to bust out my old dance shoes and go sign up for a class some where. Now that's saying a lot since I'm not in the shape I used to be back in the day.

What a fun girl day. I forget how amazing it is to have a little girl time sharing in the things that we love.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Trip To Disneyland!

We've had lots of fun trips and adventures since my last post. We were able to take our foster son "little J" (in the blue) for his first trip ever to Disneyland. I received (6) Disneyland park hopper passes as a payment for a photo shoot I recently did. I was soooo's been YEARS since I've been. I had a plan. I was going to stay until closing and hit every single one of my fav rides. I warned everyone who was going with us so there would be no surprises. 

Beautiful way to start our day.
My oldest son Josh and his girlfriend Charmaine decided to take their car so they could leave early. 
Charmaine & Josh on one of our fav rides, "The Pirate's of Caribbean." 
Disneyland brings out the kid in all of us!;D 
Another friend who brought her son along (little J's friend) had her daughter pick them up after several hours. My hubby wanted to leave before closing but I said, "NO WAY!" I told you I have to hit all my rides, ending with my childhood fav, Peter Pan (I was a little disappointed…they used to have Tinker Bell flying around with you;) But it definitely made me feel like a kid again.
I told my hubby I needed a pic right here! Best picture background ever!LOL!
I never get very much time with my oldest son, Josh. I'm a happy mama!
Little J was leery of some of the fast rides. On the log ride-Splash Mountain, I had to laugh at this pic...He did it but couldn't bare to look at the steep drop.
I waited until the parade and the fireworks were happening to run to the Matterhorn bobsled ride…NO LINE…we walked right up to the front. Little J was asking, "This isn't super fast is it?" "No, just super fun," I said. As we rode through the mountain faster and faster…he said over and over, "Lisa…this is fast! Lisa…this is fast!" My reply, "No…it's FUN!" We timed it perfectly, the fireworks were going off just as we were coming in and out of the mountain. SO AWESOME! But little J had his eyes closed so he didn't get to see it. He admitted that it was fun…but fast! LOL!

I have to say that even with the ridiculous crowds and lines…
there's something definitely magical about Disneyland…it brings out the kid in everyone.

Here's some Disneyland shots I took in case you haven't been in a while or ever?;D Enjoy the little trip…
I thought this was an interesting line waiting site.

Pirate's of Caribbean Ride…heading into the Pirate Face fog

Hubby exploring the Robinson Crusoe Treehouse

View from the top of the Treehouse

View in "The Cars" ride line. We never got on the ride-it kept breaking down:(

Little J making music

My hubby yelling in the old fashioned megaphone. It was loud & clear "HELLO" across Disneyland!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New York Fashion Week-FW 2014-Jullien Herrera

This seasons New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014 is coming to an end, so I thought I'd post a few pictures of some show's Jullien was in.  He's still working and that's always a good thing since model life can be hit or miss, running from casting to casting and waiting to receive the word that you've booked a job. It can be emotionally trying especially for men who don't make the kind of money that women in this industry do.

A male model life can have you in a constant state of waiting. It definitely helps to have thick skin. Rejection is part of the game. The same holds true for acting. I don't know if I could personally handle it, but my boy has amazing self esteem and knows that it's all about a certain look a designer, photographer or company is going for at the moment. Heading into this industry at the age of 17 definitely helped to shape and mold him...5 years later...he's still going strong.

Take a trip to a few New York Fashion Week F/W 2014....

ODD F/W 2014 Show
ODD F/W 2014 Show-Now here's an outfit every man should have in their closet! LOL!


Paris & Nicky Hilton taking in the Brian Lichtenberg show (Jullien on stage left)
Brian Lichtenberg F/W 2014 Show
Models w/Designer Brian Licthenberg after the show!

Ricardo Seco F/W 2014
All Pictures Via Internet

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Missing My Dad...2 Years Today

Today is the second anniversary of my dad's passing. It brings me right back to the last time I saw him. I've never been very good about calling my family. During my dad's sickness I tried to call more often to check on him. One particular morning a Twitter friend asked how my dad was doing. I hadn't talked to him or my mom in a week so I wanted to call before I responded to my friend to get the latest update. My mom answered and told me that my dad had been asking where I was. She proceeded to remind him that I was in California.

Living so far away, my constant daily prayer was, "Dear Heavenly Father, please let me know when it's time to see my dad before you call him home." As I hung up the phone, I felt an incredible, overwhelming prompting to drive to Utah right away. I checked the weather report, a big storm was heading in but not until late the following night. I took off the next morning hoping to beat the snowstorm, driving straight through to Utah. The storm arrived early. I was alone, driving right through the middle of almost white out conditions. I prayed and prayed, tense hands gripping the wheel, passing several cars which had slid off the road. My mom called worried, asking me to please stop & stay the night somewhere...but I knew I had to get there that night.

My prayers were answered, after 12 hours I pulled safely into the driveway. I went right in to see my dad. He was so happy to see me & my sister Stacy who had just flown in. We visited. His voice weak, but full of love and happiness to see us. As we said good night, he looked intently at us and said, "Tomorrow's going to be a good day." I  woke in the early morning hours being told that my dad wasn't doing good. My brothers. sisters, and mom all surrounded my dad, each taking turns with him.

As I spent time with him, I told him how much it meant to me when he told me how proud he was of the person I had become and the mother I was to my kids. Those words were powerful. They pushed away all thoughts of failure over choices I'd made in the past that hadn't always been the best. They filled my heart with peace. To know that my dad, the incredible man and example that he was, was proud of changed me. I told him how much I loved him. What an incredible father he's been never treating me like a step-daughter but a real daughter. I let him know that we'd all be there to take care of mom so he could let go and go home to his Heavenly Father. I wanted him to be filled with complete peace. To know that the family he'd loved, raised and provided for would be there for each other in his absence. He was our role model, our teacher, a man who not only led with words but more importantly by example. Which speaks louder than words.

As we sat in the room, nothing but love. Love of family, the only thing in this life that truly matters filled the room. Overwhelming love. Abounding love. Amazing love. Unending love. Tears of love filled to overflowing. We waited. I leaned close to kiss him against the backdrop of the slight flurry of snowflakes dusting the ground outside the window. Snow. His favorite. Nothing but love. His eyes looking toward the ceiling, he seemed to see someone familiar, his voice but a whisper, "Here He comes."

On a day that my dad knew would be, "A good day," He went home to his Heavenly Father. And though I miss him everyday, I'm so grateful that I was there to say goodbye. To feel the love inside that room. To hear my dad whispering to the Lord as He came to take him home. I know that one day, on "A good day," I too will see him again. I love and miss you dad. I know that your presence and amazing smile makes Heaven a little bright.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I'm loving having my middle son Jullien here visiting from New York for a whole month, not much time left though…he's leaving on the 16th. I know he's happy to be here too…especially when he gets a call from his friends telling him that it was 3 degrees in NY this morning.

So in the spirit of our California winter, here's some shots I took of Jullien and my hubby. Let me just brag a little and say that I'm a good mom and wife, spending my day waiting around to get that "perfect shot." Heaven forbid if I see someone I know and start talking (like on this particular day.) Jullien (my loud mouth son) yells up to me, "HEY, stop talking and take pictures…you missed my last wave!"


The things I do for my family. I can't even visit because I might miss a shot!!! I've created monsters!!!LOL! So here's a few shots that I didn't miss.

Now this is the one reason my family doesn't like surfing close to the pier…it's a constant battle to get position. If someone thinks you took their wave…your peaceful day can turn ugly very quickly.


My hubby was pretty upset that I wasn't in a better position when he caught his, "WAVE OF THE DAY." Most of it was blocked as he headed under the pier.
 After each wave they discuss how good they did!;D