Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Street Dancers Perform?

My husband and I decided to spend a quiet day at the beach on Sunday after church. We walked down Main Street, ate lunch and then headed to the pier and sat down on a bench overlooking the ocean. We were spending some much needed alone time, watching the surfers, talking and just hanging out. A team of street dancers walked up and told everyone who was sitting around to please hang out because they would be performing shortly.

We both love watching any type of dance...but especially street dancing (it takes us back to the 80's, you know OLD SCHOOL). They began their preparation to perform. They stretched, did hand stands to strengthen their arms, several hard balancing moves, more stretches and then put on protective padding.
This continued for about 30 minutes. We could tell that they were very talented as one of them ran up the side of a pole and did a back flip off of it.

The crowd was becoming restless with anticipation. Finally they were ready to perform. A lifeguard pulled up at the exact moment they were going to start and asked them for their permit to perform. They didn't have one...they scrambled around nervously for a while, but...it was over. We all walked away feeling let down. Sitting their waiting through all of their preparation for NOTHING!

Do you think God sometimes feels the same way? He begins to shape and mold us, using the hard times in our life to help us grow. Years and years of preparation. Getting us ready for all the blessings He intends for us. He waits patiently, day by day, trial by trial, as we slowly began to take shape. Finally when we're almost there...we become discouraged and quit. We feel that we don't have a permit to perform the way that God wants us to. We don't feel qualified. We are fearful and forget that he has been stretching us through hard times, strengthening us through his word and supplying us with protective padding through prayer and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Don't stop before you achieve your ultimate purpose! He is waiting with loving anticipation...for us to be stretched enough to be able to display our GIFTS to the world.

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground." Psalm 143:8, 10

Friday, March 27, 2009

Balancing the Computer and Family

I'm trying to balance my computer time vs. family time. This is a funny thing to have to think about, but I find myself on the computer a lot longer than I spend quality time with my husband and kids.

Whenever I have some down time, I love to get on the computer and write. Writing is my passion, it makes me feel complete. Being a mom often pulls you in so many directions that you have to find a few things that bring you happiness too. The problem I've noticed lately is that I'm a little out of balance. While I'm on the computer, my kids will be playing video games or up in their room watching t.v.

When they were little we were always doing things together. Times have changed...I sometimes forget about making time and continuing to build those special relationships. The kids are getting older and more independent. But I realized that this is still an important time to stay close (even if they sometimes push you away). I want to have a strong relationship with my teenagers. I need to find more balance in my life and stop escaping behind the computer.

I implemented FAMILY GAME NIGHT once a week, starting this weekend. I thought the kids would say, "This is stupid! I don't want to do this." I did a practice run yesterday and invited my 20 year son to play a game of Yahtzee with me and Elijah (we were the only ones at home). I didn't really think he would, but he sat right down at the table! WHAT...even a twenty year old craves quality family time?!!! My stepson came over last night and said, "When is family game night?" I think it will be a hit!

I'm excited to be able to have QUALITY time with my busy kids. Family is the most important thing, along with keeping the communication open. MY SOLUTION~LESS COMPUTER~MORE FAMILY TIME!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ride The Big Waves

"I'm too scared...I can't touch the ground out there," Josh shouted as he continued to stay close to shore. The crystal clear blue waves, perfectly formed, came crashing to the shore in a foam of white wash. Josh happily jumped on his board as the foamy white water approached, standing up on his board and riding it for a few seconds to the shoreline.

My husband tried to coax Josh out to where the real waves were. He would head out deeper, but keep jumping off his board to make sure he could touch the sand without having his head go under water. If he ventured out too far and could no longer reach, he quickly paddled closer to the shore.

Finally one bright sunny, summer day, Josh laid on his board trying to summon more courage...heading out a little deeper, when a small, well shaped wave approached. My husband shouted out, "This one's yours...go for it!" Feeling more confident due to the encouragement he was receiving, Josh quickly turned his board around, hands moving in a wind mill motion through the water, prepared to ride a real wave. At precisely the right moment he stood up on his wobbly board, whisking through the wave, water spraying, his eyes squinting, white teeth sparkling as a huge smile spread across his face. "Yeah...this is AWESOME!" he screamed out over the booming of the waves. He had experienced the thrill of surfing. He also overcame his fear. Josh would never surf the foamy waves of the shore break again.

Our relationship with God is similar. We are safely near the shore, our feet securely touching the ground. We all seek and crave stability in our lives. When God starts prompting you to go out farther, beyond where you can touch, you immediately shrink back in fear.

This is human nature, fear of the unknown can often stop you in your tracks. But God is out in the "BIG WAVES." He knows what he has planned and wants us to trust him. It may be scary at first, but you'll never experience the joy, exhilaration, happiness and the complete freedom he has planned for you unless you stretch yourself.

It all begins with your prayer life. You need to spend quiet time alone everyday with God. Asking for his wisdom, peace and protection over your life. Ask him to help you let go of everything you know and take you into the deeper water of his love. Out in the incredible, blue, clear, beautiful waves of life that he has planned for you!

The Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at the proper time. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them.
Psalm 145:14-19

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday with Joyce Meyer-FREE

I had heard that Joyce Meyer's was coming to Long Beach, CA. for a three day conference tour. I first learned about her from my husbands ex-wife. She gave me some CD's to listen to while I was driving my "taxi" around~taking the kids to school, practices and games.

At first I wasn't sure if I liked her. She had a raspy, deep voice, and "told it like it is." I liked what she was saying though and I continued to listen. I eventually went and bought her best selling book...Battlefield of the Mind (Devotional~100 Insights That Will Change the Way You Think).

It was perfect for me. I read one short little devotional story each day. I slowly began to have a different outlook on my life, finances, marriage, and relationship with my kids. It teaches you how to change your old negative way of thinking.

Once I finished it, I wanted to give it to someone else. But before I had a chance to, I found myself opening it up and reading it all over again. I'm now on my 3rd read through. Instead of giving mine away, I've just bought copies of it to give as gifts. I can't part with it. I also started watching (well really listening to her) every morning while getting ready. She has a program called, "Enjoying Everyday Life." It's on every day all over the world. I watch it on Discovery channel 31 @ 8:00 a.m.

I took my husband (yes, he went willingly) to the conference with me and we spent Friday evening with Joyce Meyer. It was free and I wanted to check her out in person. From the moment she started talking, I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. She talked about stepping in and getting your feet wet. Basically, to stop waiting till you FEEL like doing what you were meant to do and start doing it. Step out in Faith! She also said to take some time to celebrate your victories (the small accomplishments.) We get worn out trying all the time. If we stop and take a day to celebrate our victories then we will be more likely to continue pursuing our dreams.

This hit home for me (ie. my book). I always put off writing as often as I should because it seems impossible to finish. Well she kicked me in the butt! I'm going for it and taking time to celebrate at the end of the week. If you want to change your life, get Joyce's book.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taping Day: Nickelodeon's BrainSurge

We went down to LA on Monday...Elijah and Adam got to be on their first T.V. game show. Nickelodeon's new show BrainSurge is due to air this summer. The boys were so excited that they got to take the day off of school. But that excitement quickly fizzled, they had to go to school on the set. We sat around the green room eating, eating and eating. Oh, did I mention we ATE?
How come whenever you're bored and there's food around, you keep munching away? By the time they finished school we were stuffed.

It was a VERY LONG DAY. We got there at about 10:00 a.m. and the boy's didn't finish until about 8:00 p.m. A word of advice for you parents who want to get your kids into acting...you better have tons of patience.

We were talking to a dad who does this all the time for his daughter and he said that last week he spent about 30 hrs. just sitting in his car waiting for his daughter. NO THANKS! I'm pretty patient but that is ridiculous. It was a really fun experience for the boys. You are probably wondering how they did? Sorry people...but we signed legal papers saying that we can't give out any information until after the show airs. So I will tell you when it's on and you can watch my two "little" guys answer some very difficult questions.

For all of you parents who think that this show is just for kids, you're wrong...make sure you watch it with them. It'll be an exciting family friendly show. I even had a hard time answering some of the questions. I predict that BrainSurge will be an instant BIG HIT!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who Went Home on American Idol?

CLICK HERE for 5/5/09 Prediction

For 4/14/09 Update CLICK HERE...

My prediction earlier today was almost correct...but I'm happy to say ALMOST! Michael Sarver was saved and Alexis Grace went home. It was another cruel episode where the judges said, "We're thinking about saving you." They already told her last night that they hated her song choice...then they tell her to sing it again to save herself. WHAT? Can you say nerve racking? Of course she did terrible. Several notes were off key and she was obviously trying too hard to make the song sound better.

To be perfectly honest, I don't think it was only the song...her personality was very boring and flat last night. She didn't portray that likable quality that she had presented on previous shows. Not to mention Randy Jackson couldn't even remember her name and called her "Allison" as in Allison Iraheta, who was actually already in the bottom three standing there awaiting her fate.

After Alexis finished singing, Simon told her that they weren't going to save her. I can't begin to tell you how much this new rule irritates me. Two slaps in the face...let's just kick them while their down! Once again I have to tell you that my idea is better. Tell them they're voted off, play the music and have one of the judges jump up and say, "We're going to save you!" The show will still have the suspense, drama, and no more contestant humiliation.

There is definitely a lot of media drama going on. Now there's even talk of the American Idol result show being rigged. I guess American Idol needs to keep up the big ratings this year. In Hollywood, the more you're talked about, positive or negative, the more people tune in.

American Idol-Who Goes Home?

CLICK HERE FOR 5/19/09 Prediction

Wow! That was a great show. This year probably has the most talent ever. So after last nights country show, the question is, "Who should go home?" My favorite of the night was Danny Gokey...that song always gets me. I wasn't very impressed with Scott McIntyre's performance, I don't think his voice is as strong as the other contestants. If they are basing it on voices only, I think he should go home tonight but people are very sympathetic to his disability.

The judges didn't like Michael Sarver last night, but I thought he was great. He should definitely receive a country contract with someone. Now about Adam Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire," it was kind of freaky, a little Goth/Nine Inch Nails vibe. This particular Johnny Cash song is "our" song (every couple has an anthem and this is ours.) So that middle eastern version was a little hard for us to get. But I have to admit, his voice is incredible, he's different (stands out) and he kind of looks like a young Elvis Presley. Before you say, "WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT," take a look. Watch when he sings...there's something that is really similar.

I loved Megan Joy Corkery...yes, I'm a fan of hers. She was even sick and did great. And what about Anoop Dog Desai? Last week I said he should've gone home...this week I loved him and I'm glad he's still in it.

So my prediction about who's going home tonight...Michael Sarver...but I'm hoping that he stays.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

President Obama in Orange County, CA

President Obama will be in Orange County attending a town hall style meeting, to be held at the Orange County Fairgrounds tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18, 2008 at 4:00 p.m in Costa Mesa, CA. However, if the strongly based Republican "Orange Countyans" have anything to say about it...their tents will speak loud and clear! Set up outside the entrance to the fairgrounds are several tents with large FORECLOSURE signs posted. The recent rise in tent cities, sprouting up all over the country, not to mention the threat of cholera and other diseases inside these depression based "middle class neighborhoods", should make for a very receptive welcome.

He will be flying into the Long Beach Airport due to his Air Force One 747 being too large for John Wayne Airport (just a few miles from the fairgrounds). He will then have to travel by motorcade, to Costa Mesa. They better plan on shutting down the 405 freeway at that time or he'll never make it.

The tickets are free to the public and will be distributed beginning today at 10 a.m. at: The OC Fair and Event Center (Enter at Gate 1 or Gate 10; park in Lot A.), 88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa.

I did not get my tickets even though I would love to be there to hear the plans regarding bailing out all of us "normal" people who are trying to keep a roof over our heads, food on the table and health insurance for our families. While large corporations (ie. AIG thieves) are requesting bailouts to give out large bonuses to their already over indulgent, rich executives, who are investing in foreign countries...we just want a little help saving our jobs, homes and feeding our kids!


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can You Hear Me?

Yesterday on a brisk, windy, sunny day we took our dog Allie to the beach. This is always a very special, joyous day for her. She is a Siberian Husky. When you own a husky you're told to never let them off their leash. They have a natural inborn instinct to run. Over the years we have slowly trained her. On our beach visits we let her off the leash. She runs a little ways, jumping, sniffing and playing and then always stops, looks back and waits for us to catch up to her.

This particular day seemed no different than others before it. We strolled along the white, long stretch of sand. The chill of the wind was stinging our faces, as Allie frolicked in the water, chasing dogs and birds. Allie stopped and waited every so often just as she had been trained.

The sun was lowering behind a low patch of fluffy, cotton white clouds, signaling an end to our day. Approaching the part of the beach that we attach Allie to her leash, she abruptly turned and began running the opposite direction. We cried out, "Allie, Allie...STOP, come back here!" She continued to run, farther and farther. Our cries soon becoming muffled, lost in the pounding crash of the waves, beating against the sand.

We continued to walk in the direction she was running. We were certain she would eventually stop, look back and dash towards us. She began to appear as though she was a mirage, to far away to tell if it was really her. I began to run, worried that she might scale the steep cliff and run into the heavy, rush hour traffic on Pacific Coast Highway.

She had slowed down, but was still very far ahead. She now started to approach the few people on the beach, a woman at first, and then a couple. Each time she would walk away. She appeared to realize that she was lost. Walking away from the couple, with no one else around, she stood alone in the middle of the beach, a long isolated view in front of her. I began to get closer as she stood in one place. Her head was faced up towards the orange, red & yellow sky of the setting sun. She was howling, loud piercing cries, crying out because she was scared and lost. She had gone too far and now realized her mistake.

Out of breath, I started to walk, passing a couple that was staring at Allie. The wife looked at me with large, concerned eyes, "Oh, she's crying...she thinks she's lost." Finally close enough for her to hear me I shouted, "Allie, come here, I'm right here!" She quickly stopped her howl, snapped her head down, stared frozen for a moment and sprinted towards me. Her eyes squinting through the blowing wind, tongue hanging out of her mouth, tail wagging, and wait a minute...is that a smile? Can dogs smile? It sure looked like it to me. Reaching me, she jumped up on me and kissed me.

This story sadly represents our walk with the Lord. We are safely beside him, protected, loved and happy. All of a sudden something catches our attention. It looks fun, challenging, exciting...our mind starts to run. Next our body begins to chase after it also. We are going full speed in the wrong direction. Getting caught up in the moment, enjoying our fleshly, worldly desires.

The Lord is calling us to come back. He wants to protect us. We have gotten too far away. We no longer hear his cries. They are drowned out by the loud crashing waves of this world. Pride, vanity, money, pornography, sex, drugs and alcohol...we are trapped in the middle of their false allure.

Never finding the happiness we had hoped for, our life begins to fall apart around us. We stand alone on the long, lonely, isolated stretch of sand. Crying, calling out to the Lord, "Where are you Heavenly Father? I need you. I'm so scared and alone. Please come and help me."

He is there running behind you, trying to catch up and bring you home. Calling you home to the safety of his loving and forgiving protection. Just call out to him, he will hear you. You are never out of his sight. He is waiting for you to stop running. Just like huskies, we have a natural instinct to run after the things of this world. These things only give us fleeting, momentary pleasure. Followed by our guilt, unhappiness and self-loathing. Stop running and look to the Lord for peace, shelter, comfort, love and complete happiness. He is waiting for you.

"Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. Accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart. If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored: If you remove wickedness far from your tent and assign your nuggets to the dust, your gold of Ophir to the rocks in the ravines, then the Almighty will be your gold, the choicest of silver for you. Surely you will find delight in the Almighty and will lift up your face to God. You will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fullfill your vows. What you decide on will be done, and light will shine on your ways. When men are brought low and you say, "Lift them up!" then he will save the downcast. He will deliver even one who is not innocent, through the cleanness of your hands."
Job 22:21-30

Friday, March 13, 2009

BrainSurge Taping on Monday

This Monday Elijah and Adam have their BrainSurge taping. We have to be at the studios by 10:15 a.m. With the L.A. traffic, we're going to have to leave REALLY early. My hubby had already taken Adam but they had over booked the show and said he needed to come back. Hubby said, "No Way am I going to go next time and sit there all day again!" I said, "That's okay...I'll take off and go."

Yesterday I think he didn't like the fact that I would have Monday off of work and he would have to go. So he told me, "I went ahead and took Monday off to go with you guys after all." Hahaha, I knew he would change his mind. I've learned not to make a big deal out of things anymore...he always does it anyway. Guys just have to complain before they give in...it's one of those guy things.

I hope at least one of the boys does good and doesn't get eliminated the first round...all their friends will tease them! If they lose they go down the slime shoot...I wish I could take pictures for my Blog, but no camera's allowed...DARN!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is the New American Idol Rule Mean?

Tonight we got to see the new American Idol Rule in action. Do you think it's mean? First the contestant gets rejected by America and then they get to stand in front of the American Idol judges and get discarded again~poor Jorge Nunez (he should have stayed over Anoop "Dog" Desai) and Jasmine Murray. They were the first to be subjected to this new form of humiliation.

Here's the new rule for those of you who haven't heard: If someone gets voted off, the judges can save them. However, they ALL have to agree on the same person and they can only save 1 person the entire season. The following week after the judges save someone, the bottom two people go home.

Here's the mean part...they make the person who just got voted off sing again (normal routine for Idol). Then Ryan Seacrest, puts them in front of the judges and asks, "Do you want to save him/her?" One judge says, "We all discussed it and I'm sorry but it's the end of the road for you." OUCH...rejected two times in one show.

C'mon, we all know that they are not going to save someone this early into the show! Here's a better way of doing it, have the person sing and after they show the pictures of their journey, the American Idol music starts to play. They either end the show (I think the person will know that they didn't get saved), or as the music starts to play, one of the judges says, "Wait a minute, hold on, Simon Cowell has something he wants to say." The music immediately stops (oooh the drama), silence in the studio, everyone holds their breathe..."We all decided to save you!"

See how easy that was. The contestants didn't have to face double rejection, and American Idol gets to achieve the anticipation and tense televison drama that they love so much.

What do you think? Besides the fact that I'm obviously a little obsessed with the show.

American Idol Recap

Last night on American Idol we got to see the group of 13 finalists perform. They each had to perform a Michael Jackson song. Let's make it almost impossible for anyone to sound good! Who can sing Michael's songs without looking like a group of kids out on the town at a Karoake bar? I'll give you a little recap/prediction:

Lil Rounds: "The Way You Make Me Feel"-She is a definite powerhouse/star...but this was probably my least favorite performance. She hit the notes, but just didn't give me chills.
Prediction: She will definitely stay

Scott McIntyre: "Keep The Faith"- The vocals were not very strong and I thought it was boring. He seemed to give better performances when he was able to choose whatever song he wanted. He is a definite crowd favorite though.
Prediction: He will most likely stay this week.

Danny Gokey: "PYT" Danny is consistent in all of his performances, with last night being no exception. Danny is one of my favorites. Of course I was a little worried about him trying to do a M.J. song...but WOW!
Prediciton: He will definitely stay

Michael Sarver (Oil Rigger): "You Are Not." I thought when they put him through to the finals, it was a sympathy thing. I think he's a nice guy and I hope he gets a record deal out of it...but I didn't think he was very good. When he started singing...I thought, "Oh No!" But I have to admit I actually liked it. His voice is better than I remembered.
Prediction: May go home...but I think he deserves to stay another week based on his performance.

Jasmine Murray: "I'll Be There." When they decided to put her through to the finals I was mad. I never thought she sounded very good in previous performances.
However, this was her best performance yet.
Prediction: She may go home.

Chris Allen: "Remember The Time." I didn't remember Chris at all. I didn't like his performance very well. I didn't like that song with the guitar. He sings okay, but I just never remember him. All the judges liked him.
Prediction: He will probably get stay.

Allison Iraheta: "Give Him To Him." I think her voice is amazing. I didn't like the "rocker" spin on the song and thought this was her weakest performance.
Prediction: She will stay.

Anoop "Dog" Desan: "Beat It." I was glad when they brought him back, but I hated this performance. It was worse than the Bobby Brown song.
Prediction: He will DEFINITELY go home.

Jorge Nunez: "Never Can Say Goodbye." Last week I loved his performance...this week...I still loved his performance. He is a great singer, you could even hear his accent a little more. He's so good, he could be a member of "Il Divo."
Prediction: He will stay.

Meghan Joy Corkery: "Rockin Robin" I was so glad they brought Meghan back, she is gorgeous, different, quirky, and awkward when she performs. Ryan called her dance "the Corkery." She has that special "Something." Her voice is very unique.
Predicttion: I hope she stays!

Adam Lambert: "Black or White." This guy is untouchable. His voice completely blows everyone else away. He should win the whole show...but it seems like it switches each year and since last year was a boy, it might be a girls turn.
Prediction: Will be staying!

Matt Giraud (aka Justin Timberlake): "Human Nature." I like Matt but I thought the vocals. In the past he seemed to grab your attention. Tonight he was a little flat. The judges liked him though.
Prediction: He should stay.

Alexis Grace: "Dirty Diana." She has a gret voice, style and did a great job. She can belt out the huge notes.
Prediction: She will stay.

Now for my favorites...Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Meghan Joy Corkery, Jorge Nunez, and Lil Rounds, in that order.

We'll see how good my predictions are later tonight.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time Change

Monday's are always hard, but today I could barely keep my eyes open. The time change has stolen an hour away from me that I'll never get back! I want it, I need it...I have insomnia and every minute is needed to help me make it through the day.

This morning when my alarm went off, it was still dark outside. Who gets up and goes to work when it's still DARK OUT? Oh yeah...ME! I have to admit that I love when it's summer and it stays light late, but getting used to this is hard.

My kids even looked like little zombies when I picked them up from school today. Hopefully it's a little easier tomorrow.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Child's Height Predictor

Do you wonder how tall your child will be? It begins to get especially important as your child enters sports. With the cost of college these days, parents are turning to private weekly sports training, frequent doctor's visits to check height, and even growth hormones to try and get an edge up on the competition. Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships...this seems to be the topic of every parent. I've even heard of parents taking their child for frequent X-rays to see how much growing room is still left in their growth plates. Fanatical, maybe, reality...absolutely!

I came across a doctor's height predictor website and thought many of you parents would find it much more cost effective than other methods to determine your child's ultimate height, CHILD'S HEIGHT PREDICTOR.

This is a great website and from what I can tell...seems to be pretty accurate, (I did the calculations for my full grown 21 year olds and my 17 year olds), it was exactly right. I also encourage you curious parents whose child is extra short or tall to try it out.

Whether you're a sports fanatic or just casually wondering how tall your child will be, stop by and enter a few details (parents height, child's age, height and weight)...and the final answer will appear~and it's FREE.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning To Budget

Can I start by telling you guys that I HATE to even think about budgeting, much less actually doing it! I have to admit that I've NEVER budgeted in my life. Hey, why would I? I never made enough to cover all of my bills anyway. Putting it all on paper and coming up negative every month is just too depressing. I'm used to just getting the necessities and then juggling the rest around (pay partial here, wait for disconnect notices there.) I know many of you are saying, "WHAT...who lives like that?" Sadly, ME!

I've also turned my very responsible husband into me. He doesn't want to look at the negative balance each month either...so alas, he stopped balancing the checkbook. Now I guess you can tell where this is going, we've just gotten further and further behind. When our church offered a FREE Budgeting class, we both bit the bullet and signed up.

The class is called Freed Up financial living. It uses biblical principles with basic (simple) budgeting strategies. We attend our first class last Wednesday...it was packed with people, young singles, young and old married couples and elderly people. I guess as times get tougher, people are realizing that they can no longer live frivolously.

The first class was a quick over view and as we watched the DVD, it used some great analogies that make you stop and think about your relationship with money and "things." As good as the first class was, I was still dreading yesterday's class. We were going to begin the actual budgeting process. Learning to break things down, itemize, and strategize. Recording each expense daily...which of course is something I don't EVER want to do. As you can see, I survived. I don't know why I've put up a mental road block about the whole budgeting thing. I guess learning to be disciplined is a scary thought.

I hate feeling deprived, even though I'm not a big spender. I'm not your normal girl, I hate to shop, I cut and color my own hair, I rarely get my nails done...I just knickle and dime myself to death on fast food because I hate to cook. This whole Budgeting concept will definitely put a cramp in my Taco Bell and McDonald's runs. Probably even forcing me to COOK (ewwwwe). Can you see all of my road blocks?

With all that out of the way, I think, wait....I KNOW I can do this. I need to finally have financial freedom. I've organized my receipts, put them in an envelope and I'm ready to start the process to FREE up our family. If any of you are like me, I want to encourage you to sign up for a budgeting course. I'll keep you posted on my progress....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nickelodeon's BrainSurge-They Both Made It

Elijah and Adam both tried out for Nickelodeon's new game show. Adam was the first one to be contacted and went down for a taping last week. But they had over booked the kids (they had informed us that they usually do this in case some kids don't show up.) They asked if Adam could come back on a later date because we live closer than most of the other kids. Anthony wasn't to happy (he is not the type to sit around all day for nothing), but he said, "Okay."

When he got home he told me that they also wanted Elijah to do a show. So we are now re-booked and I will take both boys back in two weeks for their taping. I was hoping that they would be on the same show (the two step-brother's are a crack up when they're together), but they said they will need to do it separately...darn it!

They are really excited and I'll let you all know how it goes and when it will air.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work Out!

I haven't really worked out in like 2 years. Summer is approaching and I don't want to spend this summer like last year...afraid to go in public in a bathing suit. This is not a good thing when you live by the beach and pretty much every weekend is spent at a beach party/Bon fire. Not to mention my family likes me to take pictures of them surfing.

I told you about our office move last Thursday and Friday, well, one of my good friends, Tierna also moved yesterday and needed my help. I grabbed Elijah and Adam and spent all day Saturday lifting more heavy boxes. I was DEAD when I got home. Three days of moving in a row with this worn out, flabby body, is not a good combo. I woke up aching all over today. But there is a positive to all this...it kicked me in the butt to start working out.

I figured I'm half way there, the hardest part of working out is the soreness. So because I'm already sore, I decided to just DO IT! I woke up and went on a run/walk with my dog. Now I can add shin splints to my list of aches and pains. But hey, I'm on my way!