Friday, March 27, 2009

Balancing the Computer and Family

I'm trying to balance my computer time vs. family time. This is a funny thing to have to think about, but I find myself on the computer a lot longer than I spend quality time with my husband and kids.

Whenever I have some down time, I love to get on the computer and write. Writing is my passion, it makes me feel complete. Being a mom often pulls you in so many directions that you have to find a few things that bring you happiness too. The problem I've noticed lately is that I'm a little out of balance. While I'm on the computer, my kids will be playing video games or up in their room watching t.v.

When they were little we were always doing things together. Times have changed...I sometimes forget about making time and continuing to build those special relationships. The kids are getting older and more independent. But I realized that this is still an important time to stay close (even if they sometimes push you away). I want to have a strong relationship with my teenagers. I need to find more balance in my life and stop escaping behind the computer.

I implemented FAMILY GAME NIGHT once a week, starting this weekend. I thought the kids would say, "This is stupid! I don't want to do this." I did a practice run yesterday and invited my 20 year son to play a game of Yahtzee with me and Elijah (we were the only ones at home). I didn't really think he would, but he sat right down at the table! WHAT...even a twenty year old craves quality family time?!!! My stepson came over last night and said, "When is family game night?" I think it will be a hit!

I'm excited to be able to have QUALITY time with my busy kids. Family is the most important thing, along with keeping the communication open. MY SOLUTION~LESS COMPUTER~MORE FAMILY TIME!


KC Mom said...

My kids love it when we play games as a family. It's so strange to me...I've never like games but I've decided it's because they just like being togther.
That's what it's all about!

Lisa Petrarca said...

I know! I've never liked games either...but knowing that my kids still want to spend time with us actually makes it fun!

April said...

I've been feeling the same way lately. I have been addicted to entering giveaways, and not enough time for family! I need to start balancing things the right way too! Thanks for the reminder!