Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Homecoming Fashion

Last Saturday was the big High School Homecoming dance. My two boys actually ended up dressing alike, not on purpose. Elijah's date bought leopard shoes w/ a red bow. My goal was to find a skinny, retro 80's style leopard print tie.

I thought it would look so cool, match his date & stand out from the crowd. But I couldn't find one anywhere, so we had to go w/ a red tie just like Adam's (thus the twin look) They didn't go together so no one knew until I posted these pictures!

Anthony doing his model pose...


Adam left with friends & we headed over to the house where the bus was going to pick the kids up to take pictures. So here's a little bit of how it all went down...Homecoming Fashion in Orange County, CA.

Elijah is an inch taller than his date, until she wore these shoes!

maneuvering the wrist corsage

the girls fell over & the guys were cracking up
(the lil' guy pushed them)

bet ya couldn't tell the girl in front is a model?

can you believe they are 14, 15 & 16 year olds?

my hubby watchin' the action away from the crowds

best buds since they were 5 yrs. old

finally on the bus & ready to go...

these girls were so adorable...
watching everyone board the bus & excitedly giggling!

off they went into the moonlight...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Flaunt Magazine-John Varvatos

Here's a few more pictures from the recent issue of Flaunt Magazine that my son (Jullien Herrera) was in.

The editor of Flaunt magazine, Long Nguyen pays tribute to the incredible designer, John Varvatos in this cool, layed back shoot.

photos by Kevin Amato

Friday, October 22, 2010

K, Really?

Yesterday felt like I was in the movie, "Groundhog Day." After I got off work at 1:00p.m., I raced around, ordered the wrist corsage for Elijah's date tomorrow night (Homecoming Dance). I had to get candy & a Starbuck's gift card for the cheerleader who was postering our house for the football game tonight, and get my dogs pills (she has a leaking problem & the pills really help), then be at the football field at 3:00 p.m. for the JV game (I'm the team photographer).

My son played AMAZING! We won 13-12...whew! They put him at running back for the second time & he was unstoppable. He also played defense (linebacker) so he was pretty wiped out after playing both ways for 2 hours. Guess that'll explain the next part of my day.

I took him back to the school to get his stuff after the game. Then rushed home to be there when the cheerleader arrived. Then Elijah says, "Oh no, I think I left my mouth piece sitting on the bench in the locker room. We jumped in the car and went back to the school. He had actually put it away. Then we raced back home because the cheerleader was there, gave her the candy/gift card & took pictures in front of the poster she put up on our garage.

THEN...Elijah says, "I can't find my varsity jersey! (he's supposed to wear it to school & the game on Friday) I think I left it out because it's not in my room!"

I got back in the car & went to the school for the 3rd time! It wasn't there & he was stressing all night, (today at school he said one of the coaches found it & picked it up for him...lucky!)

What a day! Have you ever had a Groundhog Day?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Football and a Shower

I was pretty busy this past weekend, which started off AWESOME. My son had his JV football game on Friday & scored three touchdowns (well, technically 2 because 1 got called back, a blocker did an illegal block long after my son had passed him-it was a 60 yd. run too!) It was so cool seeing him out run all the players & score...yes I'm a proud mama!

the kid's got moves

and speed...

celebrating with the quarterback
Saturday was my friend Christie's baby shower. I did the dirty diaper game. For those of you who haven't heard of it, I bought 10 different chocolate candy bars & then melted each one in a newborn diaper. I then numbered each diaper & the girls had to pass the diapers around & try to figure out which candy bar was in each of them. The one who guessed the most right gets a prize.

This game cracks me up because all these ladies are smelling diapers...and yes I do have a sick sense of humor!LOL!

The girl who won was able to guess 5 out of 10 right.

Christie's husband made these cupcakes for the party!

now that's what I call a good husband...

gift time

Christie- Lovin' all the cute lil' girl presents for baby Ava

Monday, October 18, 2010

Jullien Herrera in Flaunt- John Varvatos

Just an update...

jullien herrera (top left & black & white photo)
double click for larger view

Here's the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine (photographed by Kevin Amato) with an article on John Varvatos & pictures of my son Jullien Herrera (Red Models), on

He will be turning 19 next month (November 14th) & I'm hoping he'll be able to come home but I'm not holding my breath...the life of a model (sigh).

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Susan G Komen-Orange County Race for the Cure Pictures

photos by : lisa petrarca
all rights reserved-please ask to use

sharing a moment (double click to see larger view)

On Sept. 26th we did our annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. This year my boss joined us. He was a little leary because he thought that it would be only women. But he got quite the surprise when he saw so many men & they were dressed up too!

this guy is awesome in his tight pink tank!

My boss's wife just beat breast cancer & my friend passed away from it last year, so I really think it's important to do whatever I can. Paying the $30.00 fee & walking a 5k early in the morning is really a small price to pay.

the crew

Posted along the route is pictures of lost loved ones.

Anyone who has or had breast cancer (yes, men included) wears a pink t-shirt. Very inspiring to see so many people tackling this battle.

I wanted to share the event with everyone & encourage you to click their website
HERE & find a race in your area.

there was plenty of entertainment

the doggy didn't care for the music



the finish line