Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol-Who Went Home 4-29-09

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WHAT? Adam Lambert almost eliminated? This was a shocker...Adam has never been in the bottom two. If I wanted to really analyze it, I would have to say that everyone just assumed Adam would get the votes and used their call to save someone else.

Now, back to my previous post, I did get half of the bottom two correct. Matt Giraud and Adam stood side by side awaiting their fate. Waiting, waiting, waiting, through Natalie Cole, Taylor Hicks and Jaime Foxx's performances. Put yourself in their place, could you imagine having to sit there through an entire show trying to smile and act happy? Unable to enjoy the celebrity performances, what a terrible place to be in! While the other "saved" contestant sit in their victory chairs, laughing, clapping, and singing along. I think I would want to run over and knock them off their little stools...OOPS...sorry, I got caught up in the whole thing for a moment, I wouldn't really do that!

Finally they announced that Matt Giraud would be going home (which was my final prediction). Tune in next week...I'm getting pretty good at this!

American Idol-Who Goes Home 4-29-09

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I have to say that I love that "Rat Pack" era of music. The big band playing behind the crooners...very cool and sexy! Tonight American Idol brought in a surprise celebrity to help the singers, Jaime Foxx! He seemed to give good advice because all of the contestants sounded GREAT!

But since someone has to go, I'll give you my weekly pick. Now this is a hard one for me tonight, but let's start with my favorite...drum roll...wait for it....Danny Gokey! I thought he was absolutely AMAZING! Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta used their powerhouse voices to bring the crowd to their feet (but for some reason it seemed like the crowd was on their feet all night). I think Chris Allen was a little boring tonight. Matt Giraud has a strong voice but seems a bit fearful each week. I always think he's going to cry when the judges say something mean. Watch next'll see what I mean.

My pick for the bottom two is Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta. I don't think Allison deserves to be in the bottom again, but I think the whole "lack of personality" thing that the judges point out every week, along with Simon's comment will pursuade the public.

Matt Giraud will be the next to leave American Idol. There you have it...make sure you leave your pick and we'll see who's right!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Adam's 15th Birthday

Today, 15 years ago, my stepson Adam Bernard Petrarca was born. He came into my life when he was three years old. He was the friendliest little guy out on the football field. His dad coached, his sister was a cheerleader and his brother played flag football. This left a cute, precocious little boy the complete freedom to rome the sidelines.

Never shy, he loved to go around and ask all of the parents for food. He would sit right down on your lap, beam up at you and ask, "Whatcha eating? Can I have some?" No one could resist and so he was always very full by the time his dad finished with practice.

He was always a little monkey...he could climb ANYTHING. If he couldn't be found, we would start running around looking in the trees, on the top of the baseball back stops or anything that was climable. He had no fear and suffered several concussions due to this.

He loves to make people laugh, especially his younger step brother. They were more like twins, becoming brothers when they were 3 and 4. He could entertain everyone for hours with his many faces, noises and crazy antics. He is the life of the party and loves to be the center of attention. You never know what he will do next. Which always brings a constant sense of anticipation whenever he is around.

Adam is our own little comedian and we are so blessed to have such a wonderful and amazing son. Happy Birthday Adam...WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Modeling Offer Comes In

Today RED Model Management called Jullien and said they were supposed to have a meeting about him on Monday, but they were all out to dinner with the owner and he was the topic of discussion over their meal.

He said not only do they all have to agree, but they also show his pictures to top photographers and clients to get their feedback. If they don't like him then there is no point in pursuing a model.

He said that everyone liked his look and they want to offer an EXCLUSIVE contract with their agency. They would begin building his portfolio as soon as we sign with them (NO OUT OF POCKET MONEY FOR US - TOP AGENCIES NEVER CHARGE). We need to let them know by we spoke for about an hour (Jullien's only 17) so of course I had to talk to him about everything.

If we go with them he would be jet setting off to Milan, Italy right after his graduation for their summer fashion shows...(scary but exciting). So we will spend the rest of today and tomorrow making a HUGE decision.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Modeling Agency Contract-He Got It!

We got the call today from CLICK Models they want to represent Jullien! Click represents the #1 male model in the world Garret Neff (Calvin Klein Model-click to see). I can't believe it!! He will start in L.A. until he graduates in June and grows his hair back out (see previous post), then will be moving to New York.

Red Models (another TOP agency-click here-then click RED BALL) asked if we would wait till Monday to sign with Click because they are having a meeting about Jullien and also want to sign him. Hmmmm what to do???? What a problem for him to have huh? He's so excited!

Stay tuned...I'll let ya know what we decide.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol-These Two Go Home?

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What can I say...once again Adam Lambert steals the show! His voice, stage presence, originality, Elvis Presley good looks and humbleness all rolled up into one package makes him unbeatable. Chris Allen, never my favorite (I think he's forgettable) is getting surprisingly better week after week. His outstanding performance tonight sealed his safety. Danny Gokey was good and is always consistent, he will stay. Allison Iraheta's voice was incredible but it was not one of my favorite performances, I found it a little boring. She will still definitely be in the final with Adam.

Now which two Idols will go home after last weeks surprising save? Unfortunately I think Matt Giraud will go this week. His performance wasn't bad, but he seemed to be singing for his life (trying to hard) but not really hitting the mark. Lil Rounds will be the other one to go home. She has been getting worse each week.

The public (YOU) will probably want to show the judges that YOU decided last week who you didn't want and will be anxious to show the judges who's still in charge of this competition.

Anoop Desai will survive one final week. So there you have it...let me know your opinion and we'll see who's right tomorrow!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Modeling Deal

(Yes...had to submit more shirtless pics)

Another MAJOR modeling agency RED MODEL MANAGEMENT NYC (click on link and then click red ball to see ad campaigns for Gucci, Versace, D&G, Michael Kors, Abercrombie & Fitch etc) has just stepped into the picture trying to sign Jullien. They represent 4 of the top male models in the world. We should be receiving the news/offer of representation any day now. We were told to get his passport ASAP...there is a huge fashion week in Milan and Paris in the summer and I think they want him to be ready to walk in it. They also told us to go to a tailor and get all his measurements for a European cut suit. WHAT???? Crazy huh?

It's not a done deal, they are meeting to discuss it we'll see. But it looks pretty good.
I've done all my research, here's one of them SEE HERE and everything is legit. So keep your fingers crossed. It'll be one of those once in a lifetime experiences that you can only have while your young.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Trip To Click Modeling Agency

Jullien has been looking for a job, so I decided to send some pictures out to a few of the TOP MODELING agencies in the world.I thought, "What the heck, the kids a GIANT and maybe he can travel and make some money before he becomes a Fireman. So here is one of the pics I sent
I immediately received a response from Ford Models of New York and Click Models of LA (click on sight and watch pics)...they both requested more pictures with some specifications. Of course most of them without a shirt, (ever notice how guys in modeling ads never have shirts on?) So we took some and sent them back...

The Director of Click Models E-Mailed back immediately. She wanted to set up an appointment to meet with us (he's only 17 so I had to be there too.) Ford Models also responded and said they were going to review them with their men's board and get back to us in a week.

Jullien shaved his head before we went...I guess it wasn't a good idea. She said, "You cut your hair...not good." But she seemed to really like him...took some poloraids to send to New York and told him to start growing his hair back out and get a Passport. She is going to call us next week.

So another new and exciting adventure for our family! Remember, if you've always wanted to do something, don't be afraid...GO FOR IT!! The worst thing that can happen is you'll get big deal, you never know unless you try!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol-Who Went Home

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...yes it's true, the judges finally used their "Judges Save" card. I predicted that either Anoop "Dog" Desai or Lil Rounds would go home. I wasn't too far off, they were both in the bottom three. However, Matt Giraud ended up singing for the save. Paula and Kara both were up dancing on their feet...the crowd was chanting, "SAVE, SAVE, SAVE." I was happy when Simon announced that they would in fact save him.

All the other contestants were hugging and congratulating him when Simon pipes in with his usual cheery comments, bursting their bubble, "I wouldn't be so happy and quick to congratulate him, this means TWO people go home next week" (or something to that effect). My husband actually said almost the exact same thing (Simon Jr.) before Simon did!

Next week should be very interesting!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol-Who Goes Home

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Adam Lambert was amazing as usual tonight. I don't think anyone will be able to beat him. His voice is ridiculous, showmanship amazing and always original. Allison Iraheta will be the final girl standing and will be battling it out with Adam at the end. I feel that Anoop "Dog" Desai or Lil Rounds will be the next to go home, however I always seem to forget about Chris Allen...he is forgettable and had a weak performance. I thought Matt Giraud did better than the judges gave him credit for. Danny Gokey will be in the final three, he is consistently good.

There's my predictions this week...let me know what you think!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Talk, Addiction, Recovery, Forgiveness

Can you imagine how hard it would be to get up in front of over 1,000 people and spill your guts? I was thinking about how many of us spend most of our lives trying to hide all of our guilt, shame, mistakes, addictions and hang ups. We put on the face that will make people like us. Only the people closest to us ever know the "REAL" us. I was trying to put myself in his place...wondering how it would feel to tell EVERYONE, friends, acquaintances, fellow employees, sports friends, kids, and strangers in your community...about all of your "STUFF." WOW...MY HUSBAND IS THE BRAVEST PERSON I KNOW! So here's what happened yesterday....

My husband survived his first ever public speaking event. He not only survived but he did AWESOME. He was really nervous about trying to memorize the whole thing so he decided to read a little and tell his "story's" without looking at his notes. I was SO proud of him! After the first service a 21 year old kid who has been sober for only 3 weeks came up to talk to him. He said he's been really struggling to stay sober and that he had never been to church in his life. He said for some reason he decided to go to church. He just kept feeling like he should go. Anthony told him, "I don't think it was an accident that you are here today."

Anthony gave him his phone number and told him to call him so they could maybe go to a Celebrate Recovery (click link if you need help or Google in your city) meeting together, or if he just wanted to talk. I think just knowing that his testimony helped one person made it completely worth it.

My oldest son Josh who has been struggling a lot lately even decided to go with us. He hasn't been to church in a long time. I can see him starting to head down the same path as his dad and Anthony and I thought the testimony might really touch him. I was so thankful to have ALL 6 of the kids there. Not to mention my son Jullien's girlfriends family. It was such a special day...they will be posting the service (AUDIO ONLY) online in a couple of days. I'll post the link as soon as its up for those of you who might be interested in my husbands CRAZY life.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Big Step on Easter

My husband received a message from the Pastor of our church last week and said, "I wonder what John wants." I thought he was going to ask him something important because he doesn't call us that often. I just told him, "I don't know, just call him back and see."

He goes downstairs to call and a few minutes later opens the door to our room where I'm happily updating my Blog...his eyes are like saucers, "He wants me to share my life story/testimony on Easter. I don't know if I can do that. I'm not the type of person that can talk in front of people."
I told him, "Well, obviously they think you are the perfect person to talk on Easter Sunday. They would never have asked you if they didn't feel that your story would make a huge impact on someone. You have to do it!" He said, "I'll think about it." I knew he would end up saying yes, so I said, "Just pray about it."

Well guess what...he's going to do it. He's really nervous about it and has been working on it for a couple of weeks now. His story is amazing and I'm not just saying that because I'm his wife. If I had actually met him back when he was so wild, I don't know if we would be married right now. I will post his story on my Blog after the service. I don't want to spoil it for some of my friends who will be going to our church and who may read my Blog.

Please say a prayer for him that he will not be nervous and that the Lord will use him to touch someone's life.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

20Q Audition

I was contacted by a Deal or No Deal casting director to come and try out for a new game show called 20Q. It is based off of the hit home game. They also have an online play at home version, but it is played in reverse (opposite of the TV game show), you think of something and they try to guess what your thinking try it HERE. I am not one of those people who watch game shows or play board games. I was a little leary about it. The only show I ever really watch is Deal or No Deal and I tried to tell him I'm a REALLY good suitcase picker (LOL)...but they are on hiatus right now. He convinced me that I could do this new show. So he told me to get some friends and come on down and make a day of it.

I invited my sister-in-law (a school teacher), my sister and my cousin. They gave us a list of clues and we had to guess what it was. IT WAS HARD! My sister-in-law was the only one who made it to the second round. I got a few of them right...which made me feel pretty good because it was timed and I don't do well with the whole test thing, not to mention most people only got 1 right.

My sister-in-law drove with me...but they didn't let me wait in the room and watch her, they said that she'd be done in about 2 hours.'s the problem, I don't live in L.A. and that area was really unfamiliar to me (not the best neighborhood.) It was almost 100 degrees, my air conditioner was broken and I had to find somewhere to go. I finally ended up going to Universal Studios City Walk and walked around. It was pretty entertaining (I'm always up for a new adventure.) I headed back around 6:30 and she was done.

She said she didn't do so well DARN IT! I was hoping she would at least get on the show. There's still a chance though. It will definitely be a big hit show. Make sure you watch it and see if you can answer the questions. Don't tell me if you do good because I don't want to feel stupid!

We had a good time and it was another thing that I did COMPLETELY OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE. Stay tuned for more adventures........

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's My Baby's Birthday!


Today, 14 years ago my chubby, blonde hair, blue eyed baby boy was born. He has been an almost PERFECT child. He was always so easy going, happy and entertained himself for HOURS with his Hot Wheels. He would line up his 50 or so cars in a single file line, start at the beginning and move the first car about 5 inches, then go to the next car and move it up....all the way down to the 50th car. He would then start the whole process all over again! He did this for hours. I tried to get him to stop and do something else, but he LOVED those cars.

He had a huge box and took his cars wherever he went. If I told him he couldn't take them into the store, he would cry and then secretly load up his pockets till they were bulging out and he could hardly walk. I usually just let him walk around like that because he looked so cute. People would stop and ask, "What's in your pockets sweety?" He beamed and pulled out a handful of brightly colored Hot Wheels, some falling on the floor. A look of surprise, mixed laughter, looking at me stating, "That is SO CUTE!"

When he got older, he handed down his treasured cars to his little cousin Dylan. It was at this time that I realized that he was growing up. His cars have now been traded in for his CELL PHONE. It's a sad time for a mom when "baby" starts to grow up. I can't believe he is now 14!

He still is my "little" (taller than me now) helper, along with his older brother's personal assistant. Catering to all their needs when they ask, without a single complaint. He has been such a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday Elijah! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Got Any Good April Fools Jokes?

I am one of those people who has spent my whole life playing jokes on people. I normally start preparing to play a good trick on all my friends and family members weeks before April Fools Day.

I'm either too old or too tired because I haven't come up with one single thing. My brain is like mush right now. I know everyone is waiting...but I've got NOTHING! Help...anybody have any ideas? I can't go the whole day without one single trick!