Friday, April 3, 2009

It's My Baby's Birthday!


Today, 14 years ago my chubby, blonde hair, blue eyed baby boy was born. He has been an almost PERFECT child. He was always so easy going, happy and entertained himself for HOURS with his Hot Wheels. He would line up his 50 or so cars in a single file line, start at the beginning and move the first car about 5 inches, then go to the next car and move it up....all the way down to the 50th car. He would then start the whole process all over again! He did this for hours. I tried to get him to stop and do something else, but he LOVED those cars.

He had a huge box and took his cars wherever he went. If I told him he couldn't take them into the store, he would cry and then secretly load up his pockets till they were bulging out and he could hardly walk. I usually just let him walk around like that because he looked so cute. People would stop and ask, "What's in your pockets sweety?" He beamed and pulled out a handful of brightly colored Hot Wheels, some falling on the floor. A look of surprise, mixed laughter, looking at me stating, "That is SO CUTE!"

When he got older, he handed down his treasured cars to his little cousin Dylan. It was at this time that I realized that he was growing up. His cars have now been traded in for his CELL PHONE. It's a sad time for a mom when "baby" starts to grow up. I can't believe he is now 14!

He still is my "little" (taller than me now) helper, along with his older brother's personal assistant. Catering to all their needs when they ask, without a single complaint. He has been such a blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday Elijah! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


Tj and Amy said...

oh my cute. lijey. he is so grow up and so handsome. give him a big wet kiss from me. I miss u guys.

April said...

Ohhh, my little Lijey! Tell him to stop getting so big! It makes me sad! Happy Belated Birthday from his favorite Aunt April!

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy Birthday! What a wonderful tribute!

StacyB said...

Happy LATE.LATE.LATE Birthday to my Lij. Auntie totally spaces out at tax time. He was a beautiful baby and is a beautiful teenager...the sweetest boy any Mom could ask for. Lij looks so much like John, but a whole lot like Bryan in the last pic.