Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol-These Two Go Home?

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What can I say...once again Adam Lambert steals the show! His voice, stage presence, originality, Elvis Presley good looks and humbleness all rolled up into one package makes him unbeatable. Chris Allen, never my favorite (I think he's forgettable) is getting surprisingly better week after week. His outstanding performance tonight sealed his safety. Danny Gokey was good and is always consistent, he will stay. Allison Iraheta's voice was incredible but it was not one of my favorite performances, I found it a little boring. She will still definitely be in the final with Adam.

Now which two Idols will go home after last weeks surprising save? Unfortunately I think Matt Giraud will go this week. His performance wasn't bad, but he seemed to be singing for his life (trying to hard) but not really hitting the mark. Lil Rounds will be the other one to go home. She has been getting worse each week.

The public (YOU) will probably want to show the judges that YOU decided last week who you didn't want and will be anxious to show the judges who's still in charge of this competition.

Anoop Desai will survive one final week. So there you have it...let me know your opinion and we'll see who's right tomorrow!


KC Mom said...

I pretty much agree!

Cher said...

hmm, I've got to agree with you. I think you're right on! I personally am not a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert, but I have to give him props. He is an amazing singer...has incredible stage presence. He's good. And, I think he will probably win. I don't know why though...I'm just not THAT into him. Found you on SITS...have a great day!

~Trish~ said...

I don't like Adam, he bugs me UGH!! But the judges like him so I am sure he will stay! I'm still TEAM DANNY :)