Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Won

So I have to admit, I have a guilty little pleasure that I still indulge in...not financially of course but via the internet...

Back in the day I used to be sooo into fashion, buying the latest cool things. Going to Melrose Ave. every weekend to find a cool outfit to wear out to the hottest L.A. clubs. Even my work clothes were high fashion.

Unfortunately, as you get older you have to tone down the style or you look like an old lady trying to be young (yuck). Okay, I'm not that old...isn't 40's the new 30's?

But another issue is, Beach Living. When you live by the beach it's all about casual, layed back fashion. Even on those nights out...jeans & maybe a dressy shirt & strappy shoes or boots. You show up somewhere too dressed up & people look at you like, "What is she doing? Who is she trying to impress? Doesn't she get it? IT'S THE BEACH! Put on your flip flops and relax!"

I guess it's nice when you're on a never have to invest in high $ fashion.

But I can't help getting a little envious of places like New York, Paris, Milan...the clothes are to die for!

When I need to curb my cravings...I often indulge in Fashion Blogs.

I LOVE Fashion Blogs.

Recently I began following Bravegrrl's Blog. Stop by & check out her fashion...she is so adorable & edgy. I love people who are "their own person"...they do their thing & it looks cool.

She had a contest for a vintage purse. I loved it!

And I actually WON!!

I can just picture this purse going to New York with me to visit my son. It's versatile & will look perfect even with jeans & a dressy top for those nights here too.

So once I get it, I'll post some beach fashion pics...with my new vintage purse of course!


Don't ya love it?!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy 16th Birthday Adam

Today is my stepson Adam's 16th birthday. I can't believe it! My husband & I got together when he was 3 years old. So I've had the privilege of being in his life...not only as a step mom, but also as his coach for baseball.

He has always been such a CRAZY kid! He had 3 concussions by the time he was 12. You would think they probably happened in one of the many sports (football, baseball, basketball or track)...but noooooo. He was a climber. He would scale fences, baseball diamonds, trees, ladders, rooftops...anything. He was a little monkey. But he always seemed to fall. You would think that after a few trips to the hospital he would learn, but noooo not Adam. He's too full of life.

As he's gotten older he has definitely mellowed out a LOT! He has finally stopped climbing...well for the most part (he did climb up on the roof at Easter to get toys & balls off the top) but he seemed to have gained a little more balance with accidents!YAY!

Happy 16th Birthday Adam!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


The busyness of moving has left my Blog a little less than on the top of my priority list. But then I find myself feeling less than fulfilled and realized I needed to make a "Catch Up" post. So today you get to see a mix match of my life over the past several weeks.

Rather than words...which also have been less than forthcoming lately...I will give you random photo snapshots.

Pictures often speak louder than words....

My Boys-Elijah & Josh-Easter @ my sisters

Josh & his girlfriend Charmaine

Elijah's Birthday Party @ our new house (didn't have pictures up yet...look at those walls, yikes)

My Boys...Missing Jullien (in NY still) Easter

Nephew & brother in law-Jam session @ Easter

Elijah's birthday celebration @ Easter (my hubby, Elijah, Charmaine & Janae)

Family Easter picture @ mother in laws...can't remember what was so funny?!

Nephew Tristan's birthday pinata

Thomas the Train bubble this shot!

Joshy- I'm so proud of him-Finishing hair school in June

Happy 15th Birthday Elijah!

15th Birthday celebration @ our house

Make a wish!


Easter-(L to R) Anthony, Adam, Me, Elijah, Dillon, Natascha & her fiance Jeremy. Missing my two oldest Josh & Jullien
It's hard to get the boys to stop goofing off...cute!
Easter at the in laws...nice spread!
More Pinata
Elijah @ Laguna Hills track meet
Elijah vs. Los Alamitos H. S.
Go Lijey!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can I Eat It

My friend is a personal trainer & recently challenged her Facebook friends to start listing everything they eat each day in an effort to get ready for summer. I wrote a comment back to her saying, "You don't want to know what I eat's scary, but here's a little sample (twinkies, cupcakes & cereal at midnight)."

I've been pretty lucky my whole life, I'm a junk food junky & can usually eat whatever I want without gaining weight.

Unfortunately age has changed all that.

I've just had so many bad habits over the years that the thought of giving up my sweets just makes me almost sick.

The more I thought about it, I figured that writing down what I eat will probably make me think first & try to get some type of will power...for my bikini this summer.

So I'm in...somewhat reluctantly but I know it's a necessity.


Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Three spicy tuna rolls, 5 strips of seared peppered Ahi, 1 shrimp, two chunks of bread, single bite size of each-cheesecake, chocolate truffle, bread pudding. (My boss took us out to lunch so it was larger than normal)- see already justifying.
Snack: 4 thin mint cookies
Dinner: Small portion of stew, slice of whole wheat bread w/ butter & apple sauce
Desert: Bowl of cereal (Cocoa Krispies)~justification # 2: I'm eating it at 9:00 instead of midnight.

Exercise: 20 minute walk & 10 minute floor exercises (stomach, legs, butt & thighs)

Final daily justification:
Something I ate didn't agree with me at all so I've been in the bathroom most of the night...I no longer need to count all of the calories I just ate!

I will try harder tomorrow!!!!!

If you're feeling brave, join me in my accountability on the comment section & list what you're eating each day. Lets see if we can't get in shape by Memorial Day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Smells & Music

Today I walked past a cluster of jasmine plants lining a walkway. The smell instantly took me back to the carefree summer days with my grandma. She had the volleyball, badminton & horseshoes all set up. Waking up to oatmeal & bran muffins on the table.

I was right there again, as if my grandma was still here smiling at me. That single smell gave me such a warm & loving memory.

A few weeks ago at work we were listening to a radio station & a song came on. There I was, gliding across the ice, practicing my spins & jumps. I was 12 years old, with my Dorothy Hamill haircut & dreaming of the day when I would be able to land an axel jump...then off to the Olympics, every young skaters dream.

My Childhood Idol...DOROTHY HAMILL

What is it about smells & music that take you right back to a certain time in your life?