Monday, April 12, 2010

Barbed Wire Pad Punk Reunion Party & More

I've been waiting for a weekend that we don't have anything to do. Since moving into our new place we haven't had a free moment to just kick back & relax in it.

On Friday night I had a birthday dinner for Elijah (15). His actual birthday was on April 3rd, our move in day. I also wasn't able to do my annual birthday pics & tribute story to him, because we had no internet. I'll post this later also...can't break tradition.

Saturday we had a birthday party for my nephew, Tristan (3). I got some really cute pics, also to be posted later.

Sunday we had my hubby's punk "Barbed Wire Pad" reunion party. The Barbed Wire Pad was a place all the punkers used to hang out at in the 80's. So my hubby was excited to get to see all his old friends.

I was pleasantly surprised because all the girls were really nice. I usually end up hanging out with the guys at these kinds of things (i'm not much of a gossip person & get really bored with girl conversation). Not to mention girls can sometimes be really catty if they don't know you.

My hubby was really crazy back in the day. Most of everyone's stories/memories revolved around him. He fell off a balcony landing on his head. At another party he accidentally pushed a girl off a balcony while pretending to push her.

The saying then became, "It's not a party until Anthony throws someone off a balcony." In his defense he said, "She jumped!"

Anthony throwing a keg off the balcony...

They were both okay after stitches & casting of the arm.

Then there were the stories of him in vehicles. He was hanging his head out of a car & the hood flew up & hit him in the face...knocking him out.

One night he was pretty drunk & wouldn't put his seat belt on. They were in an open, topless jeep when he fell out. A truck behind them ran him over with the front & back tires. Everyone thought he was dead. His arm was almost completely ripped off & hanging from his shoulder by a few tendons.

He was in the hospital for quite a while after that one, but they were able to repair his arm.

I always thought some of the stories were a little exaggerated, but everyone confirmed they were right on.

As you can see, my husband eventually decided that he wasn't the best drinker & thought that if he wanted to stay alive he better stop.

So after about five hours, everyone safely left the party, no accidents, falls, or trips to the hospital, aging has its advantages!


April said...

Wow!! He's lucky to still be alive! I can't even picture him like that...he's so mellow now!!! Good thing!;)

bravegrrl said...

wow, stories from the past sometimes feel like a different life time, huh?

well, i'm glad you had a good time at your party :)