Thursday, April 24, 2008

Natural ADHD/ADD Cure

I was told I should put my son on ADHD/ADD medication, but after doing intense research and reading the statistics of the number of children who turn to drugs as adults after being on ADHD/ADD medication, I opted for a different method. My son who is now 18 years old was diagnosed with ADD and a learning disability (which is very common with ADHD/ADD), at the age of 12. I started him on Omega 3 supplements. I chose a highly concentrated DHA/EPA supplement. DHA is the building block of the brain and retina. About 2/3 of the the brain's mass is made up of fats. Supplements are actually "FEEDING" the brain, this is one of the most important facts as to why Omega 3 supplements help improve ADHD/ADD and depression. I also chose a supplement that contained a natural triglyceride (which helps maintain the potency in your system during the digestive process).

After six months of taking the fish oil, three times a day, I saw amazing results! My son not only had better concentration, but his mood swings were less severe, and frequent. His memory also greatly improved. After one year of being on the supplements, my son tested out of the Special Education/IEP Program for speech and language therapy. His reading and comprehension test results jumped from a 3rd grade level to an 8th grade level. The team of teachers could not believe the results and wanted to know what I had done differently. When I told them that the only difference was the supplements, they said that they wish I could tell other parents.

In closing, don't just take my word for it, please do your own research as to the benefits of Omega 3 supplements. There are several studies done by major University's such as Harvard and Pittsburgh to back up my statements. As a mother, who has walked in your shoes, I feel your pain and hope my experience will lead you on a path that will be beneficial not only to your children, but your entire family.
Here is the link to order the exact same product I used for my son:
Nutrilite Ocean Essentials
Nutrilite Ocean Essential Information

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Life Changing Experience

This year I have decided to once again volunteer and would like to share my experience from last year's life changing and inspiring day...

I decided to volunteer for Working Wardrobes "A Day Of Self Esteem For Woman." I've always wanted to volunteer but just could never step outside of my comfort zone. I finally made the commitment for today, which was a full day of makeup, hair, business attire, jewelry, shoes & purses for women in shelters. They would then get to have lunch and be in a fashion show at the end of the day. The event was held at the local community college. Prior to the day’s event the women had received job training and interview coaching during a six week program. The day also held a job fair, which after the makeover, they went to and applied their new found interview skills.

It was such a moving experience. I initially wanted to sign up for the personal shopper position (you help the ladies put their outfits together). Then I decided to let them put me wherever they needed me. They decided to have me be a photographer's assistant. I was at first a little disappointed, but decided to just go with it. Well I can honestly say that I was able to see life changing transformations. When the women arrived we were told to take before "the makeover" pictures, which was hard because the women didn't want their picture taken. After the makeover, the women's attitude was SO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! They were happy, confident, excited and lined up asking us to take their picture. I was able to see these women who had come to the event with low self esteem, broken, sad , embarrassed and scared, be transformed not only in looks but most important confidence and self esteem. I realized that the position I was assigned allowed me to see the happiness and change in each and every one of these 125 women in just a short amount of time.

You always hear that when you volunteer, you receive more than you give. I can honestly say that this is true! I would like to encourage each of you to step outside of your comfort zone and find a place to volunteer. You will have a life changing experience!

Monday, April 21, 2008


My middle son had pneumonia when he was four months old. This contributed to a weakened immune system his whole life. The minute he would get a little bit of a cold, it would go straight to his chest. After several years of constant trips to the doctor for bronchitis, at 4 years old I started treating the cold/cough at the first onset of symptoms. I would immediately boil water and make a "croup tent". I would let it cool down a little bit, then put it in a bowl, take a large bath towel and have them lean over the bowl with the towel over their head (holding it out like a tent), this holds in most of the steam. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT LET THEIR HANDS OR FACE GET TOO CLOSE TO THE BOWL! Have them take in deep breathes of steam. You will have to give them a break after a few minutes, then repeat the steps. They will immediately start to cough as they take in the deep breathes, just have them continue doing it, it will subside. The next step is to rub warm (not hot) Vicks on their chest and back. Make sure you rub it all the way down to where their lungs are on their back. Put a t-shirt on and put them to bed.

It can be a little tricky at first, but after doing it a few times, it becomes very simple and it seems to work better than a humidifier. Make sure that you do this procedure at the very FIRST signs of a cough.

This has saved me a lot of time and money. I still do this for all of my kids and stepkids, even now that they are teenagers, they don't like it, but they know it works! I hope this information is helpful and will save you trips to the doctor also.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Uplifting Poem- PUSH AHEAD

I always try to post something uplifting and encouraging in my Blog, however my previous post was a little out of the ordinary. I have been going through a tough situation lately and really needed to get some things off of my chest. I felt bad after I wrote it and thought I need to re-post the poem I wrote for my son...and read it again myself, hope you find it inspirational!


Your courage and strength is your crowning glory

They can never take away your personal story

You and God determine your destination

Push ahead, without hesitation

Try as they might to break your spirit

Your heart and faith will keep you in it

Believe in yourself and your path will be clear

Push ahead, your dreams are so near

Fear and doubt will creep inside

You sometimes want to just run and hide

You’re scared of failure and all it entails

Push ahead, and you will not derail

The road ahead seems long and tough

The twists and turns sometimes seem too rough

Your goals are worth the struggle ahead

Push ahead, your hopes and dreams are worth the tread

Reach high above and look toward the sky

It sometimes takes just one more try

Your steps are sure and your way is clear

Push ahead, and you’ll overcome your greatest fear

Perseverance is what it will take to shape and mold

You and God will decide what your future will hold

All your dreams inside are about to unfold

Push ahead, the story of your life is yet to be told

My Son Blames Me!

My son Josh, who recently got a DUI, finally contacted me last Thursday and I picked him up at his friends house (they took his license when he was arrested). I was so excited to hear from him! We went and got lunch then he came back to the house. We hung out and talked, he seemed more like his old self. He walked across the street to the grocery store with me, had dinner with the family and even the little kids said, "Wow, Josh talked alot!" Which is unusual, because he never talks to any of's like pulling teeth just to have a conversation.

Today he said he was coming over for dinner, I got really excited again. While I was cooking I asked him if he wanted me to go to court with him on May 28th? He said, "NO, you've babied me my whole life and I'm 19 now and having to learn everything because you never taught me!" I said, "What are you talking about? I taught you how to do your own laundry, showed you how important it is to never give up and always finish what you start. We went and opened a bank account, I tried to teach you how to save, write checks, balance your checkbook, helped you find and purchase a car, showed you how to put gas in it. Taught you right from wrong, and ALWAYS punished you when you made bad choices". He just repeated how much I babied him and now he is having to learn the hard way!

I can tell you right now this statement is coming from his father, (the same guy who has NEVER been a part of his life until he was 18, never paid child support until he turned 16 and then it was whatever he felt like paying, after I spent a week and a half begging for the money). My son spent years crying himself to sleep, while I comforted him because his dad wanted nothing to do with him.

I felt like crying right in the's so hard when you have busted your butt your whole life to make sure that you were raising your kids right and making sure they never did without and then to be blamed for all their problems...while the person who really has caused the mess, (his father) is now the wonderful parent! My son had no BIG problems until he moved in with his alcoholic father who bought it for him and his friends and then partied with them. He let him do whatever he wanted and was a party buddy, NOT A FATHER.

So the minute he is in trouble...IT'S MY FAULT! Wow, it's I am the bad one for loving, caring, guiding and disciplining him. It hurts and I hope someday he will realize how much I sacrificed to give him a good, stable, and loving upbringing...I need to go and cry now, thanks for listening, needed to get it all out.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse-Are You Their Dealer?

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse-Are You Their Dealer?

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse-Are You Their Dealer?

I've recently been exposed to the world of drug abuse. I know what you're thinking...wake up it's been a problem for years! Well I know that, BUT I had no idea about the HUGE prescription drug problem going on in our High Schools, Middle Schools, and even Elementary Schools.

Most parents check and snoop around their kids rooms for cigarettes, pot, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy, but I wonder how many of you actually are checking your own medicine cabinets? Do you ever think about keeping track of how many pills you have left in your prescription bottles? What about those pain pills that you were given during your last visit to the doctor or the dentist, you know...the ones that you never finished and thought, "Oh well I will just save it for the next time I have a migraine, feel sick or my back is hurting." We all have the secret little "left over" stash for emergency purposes. Do you even remember which bottle's you had? Would you know if any of your "stash" went missing?

Unfortunately, this is the current problem facing our kids today. No longer do they have to go out and try to locate a drug dealer or scrounge up enough money to buy the drugs. You have become their new "FREE" drug dealer. Right in the comfort of their own home, they can get high from their, loving, caring and trusting parents. That's right, you have not only become your children's drug dealer but also the neighborhood supplier.

More and more teenagers are taking these drugs in large quantities and then mixing it with alcohol (yes, probably also supplied by you). They will then sell their extra pills to their friends, WOW, what incredibly smart little entrepreneurs you've raised! You have now started getting the whole neighborhood high, with the excuse of, "I didn't know, I couldn't remember how many pills I had left in the bottle" or "I thought I lost the bottle so I had it refilled". I will give you two words to think about "HEATH LEDGER".

These kids do not discriminate...if you have prescription pills of any kind, Vicodin, Darvocet Loritab, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, pills for depression, hyper-activity name it they'll take it! Everyone seems to have a pill for every problem, which means easy access for our children. WAKE UP PARENTS!! We need to lock up ALL of our medication and keep a list of how many pills are in each bottle.

Open your eyes and see that we may be giving our children a prescription for a lifetime of abuse, anger, self-loathing, misery, and even death...why... because WE JUST DIDN'T REALIZE!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Never Daddy's Little Girl

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Never Daddy's Little Girl

Never Daddy's Little Girl

I often wonder what it would be like to have that special relationship that
you often hear daughters have with their fathers. To have them look at you
with pride and admiration, knowing that under any circumstance daddy
will protect them, be there for them and guide them through all their joy,
heartache and tears.

I sometimes sit and watch the little girls at the park with their dads,
beaming from ear to ear as they are pushed back and forth on the swing.
Knowing that as they lunge forward high into the sky….daddy will be
there waiting on their way back down. Laughter echoes across the
park as both father and daughter delight in their time together.

I walk down to the beach and see a dad walking his dog with his
teenage daughter. The outward appearance to a casual onlooker
would show a daughter embarrassed to be seen with her dad,
however I see a very different picture. The father is teasing and
joking with his daughter, tousling her hair as she wrinkles her face,
trying to disguise her obvious delight in her father's playfulness.
The façade she shows the world as she spends quality time with her
dad has now been exposed, as her giggle becomes a boisterous cackle.

High school arrives…dating, driving, prom….I watch as the girls
stand around dressed in their beautiful dresses, hair piled in flowing
ringlets on top of their head. Make up, nails and heels…flashes of light
as the pictures are being snapped one right after another. Each father
holding on tightly to his now grown daughter not wanting to let her
go off with a boy he hardly knows. Looking into their eyes you can
almost hear their thoughts, "Who will protect her if anything goes
wrong". The daughters glow with a radiance of peace, comfort, and
affection, as they enter the limo and look back adoringly at their
devoted fathers.

These are the pictures that are a daily reminder of the relationship,
love and affection that somehow passed me by. I never had those special
moments….that special relationship that every little girl dreams of. Daddy's
little girl is something that somehow jumped past my childhood, teenage
years and adult life, just as a raging forest fire burns hotly through a town
with every house being saved except that one individual home. Everyone
rushes back to see the wonder and amazement of their life and belongings.
As I rush back to stare at the charred, broken and crumbled remains.
I quickly turn to look around in awe at the view around me.
Daddy's little girl is something that will never be for me….but my
life has taught me to take joy in the moments that seem ordinary
to others. A life that will be used to encourage, inspire and lift up
those girls who will never be "daddy's little girl".

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: The Hidden Danger of Endometriosis

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: The Hidden Danger of Endometriosis

The Hidden Danger of Endometriosis

I suffered for years from endometriosis and it almost cost me my life! Endometriosis is a silent, often undetectable problem for many women. I had been suffering from severe lower abdominal pain for a year. It became so bad that I started getting a fever and having trouble going to the bathroom. I went to the doctor who passed it off as some type of flu. He prescribed pain medication and told me it would pass. My stomach started to become severely bloated. When I went back to the doctor, he made me feel as though it was all in my head.

Finally, after eating a large meal one evening, I found myself hunched over on the bathroom floor, with a stomach the size of a five month pregnant women. The pain was excruciating and unbearable. My husband drove me to the emergency room. I was immediately rushed in and they stuck a large tube through my nose, down to my stomach to drain the contents. After endless tests, CT scan, MRI, Ultrasound and blood tests, they said they “thought” I had an intestinal blockage.

They took me up for surgery. After opening me up, they found that endometriosis had gotten outside of my uterus and wrapped itself around my intestines, thus creating a blockage. Two surgeons worked on me, one cutting away the endometriosis in hopes of saving that area of my intestines, the other performing a complete hysterectomy at the age of 34. The worst part was that if I had not made it to the emergency room that night, I would have died due to the toxins that were backed up in my body for a month.

I cannot stress the importance of listening to your body. If the doctors are unable to find anything, then ask them to look for endometriosis. I had little knowledge of the damage that endometriosis could cause to my health. I trusted my doctors to “see the signs”. I hope that my experience will help bring attention to the life threatening dangers of this hidden problem.

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Play Vocabulary Game- Help The Hungry!

Lisa Petrarca's Blog: Play Vocabulary Game- Help The Hungry!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Play Vocabulary Game- Help The Hungry!

What if you found a way to play a fun vocabulary game with your children and with each correct answer you were able to feed a hungry person? I know many of you will wonder, "What is the catch and how much will it cost me?" My answer to you is, "ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, it's FREE and it's REAL?!"

I always write about trying to make a difference in the world. Each day we should make an effort to help someone, offer a kind word, help an elderly person in the grocery store, smile at someone who is having a bad day or give a small bag of food to a homeless person. Well today at work one of my bosses came back from lunch and told all of us to go onto this great website he said it is amazing and he just found out about it from his 12 year old son. I couldn't believe that something this fun, educational and easy even existed. To think that while my family is learning and increasing their vocabulary knowledge, we will also be making a difference in the world by feeding a hungry person.

Here's how it works:

They post a word at the top, you click on a word below (4 choices) that best defines the word. If you get the word correct you get 20 grains of rice in your bowl (which is conveniently placed on the right side of the screen), if you miss the word, you will then be given an easier word. You will later be given the word you missed so you now can pick the correct answer and improve your memory. There are 55 levels but most people rarely make it to level 48. You get to watch your grains of rice rapidly increase with each click of the mouse. As the grains of rice in your bowl fill up, so does your knowledge. A high level of vocabulary has great benefits, you will read faster with greater comprehension, get better grades, write better papers and/or letters, score higher on tests (SAT, GMAT, LSAT, ACT) and improve your job performance.

The rice is then donated for the United Nation World Food Program to distribute, which is the world's largest food aid agency. They work with over 1,000 other agencies in 75 different countries. The United Nations estimates that to end world hunger and diseases it will cost approximately $195 billion a year. There are 22 countries who have joined by contributing 0.7%, less than 1% of the national income. You can play the game and check to see how your country is doing compared to others.

You may be wondering who is paying for this rice? The advertisers at the bottom of the vocabulary screen pay a fee to advertise and uses ALL of the money to purchase the rice...they run the site at NO PROFIT.


Don't forget to share this with your friends and family (with your new larger vocabulary you will want those around you to be able to understand you!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Memories of Elijah (13 Years Old TODAY!!)

I can't believe my baby is 13!! Where have the years gone...just yesterday he was my chubby little guy riding on the back of my bike with his big blue helmet on. We would ride down to the beach everyday pack a picnic lunch, get Juice It Up and feed the birds. It is on these memorable bike trips that my son became deathly afraid of birds. He LOVED his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...we were sitting having lunch, watching the waves crashing into the sand. The sound was like thunder on a rainy day...drowning out all the other noise around us. My son would squeal with delight as each monstrous blue, green and white wave pounded towards us, forcing us to run to higher ground. The sun was shooting rays of sunlight through the clouds like laser beams burning through the sand. The day was perfect...the moment was perfect, my son at just two years of age was enjoying the beauty of the lively world around him, while I just watched my beautiful child, amazed at the joy he brought to my life.

All of a sudden a cloud of darkness covered the sky, I looked up to see which billowy white cloud of cotton had covered our beams of light, when to my surprise I saw a whole sky full of seagulls circling overhead. My main concern was one of these birds having an accident right on the top of our heads, but my son giggled, pointed with his peanut butter and jelly sandwich and shouted, "boody mommy, see lots u em!" At that precise moment a seagull shot like a bullet from high in the sky, swooped with amazing precision and snatched my sons sandwich right out of his chubby little hand. He screamed, jumped up and started stomping on the sand and flailing his arms in hysterics. His chubby cheeks were fluorescent red. As another seagull flew dangerously close he ran straight into my arms and cried, "NO, NO, NO!" The scene was too much for me to take...I was laughing and trying to comfort my little guy at the same time. We immediately headed for the bike that was chained to a light pole a few feet away from us. Stumbling through the sand with my little man sobbing, while I laughed to the point of tears. What a site we must have been!

My son never got over his fear of birds and our little bike rides were never quite as fun after that fateful day. The memories are etched in my mind as if it were yesterday. The years have flown by but in my eyes I still see my sweet, chubby, innocent little baby jumping and screaming at the birds overhead. What a blessing from God our children are! Cherish every little memory and tuck them safely away in your minds treasure chest...where all of your most precious and valuable moments are saved. The years travel fast but the special moments live on forever.