Thursday, April 24, 2008

Natural ADHD/ADD Cure

I was told I should put my son on ADHD/ADD medication, but after doing intense research and reading the statistics of the number of children who turn to drugs as adults after being on ADHD/ADD medication, I opted for a different method. My son who is now 18 years old was diagnosed with ADD and a learning disability (which is very common with ADHD/ADD), at the age of 12. I started him on Omega 3 supplements. I chose a highly concentrated DHA/EPA supplement. DHA is the building block of the brain and retina. About 2/3 of the the brain's mass is made up of fats. Supplements are actually "FEEDING" the brain, this is one of the most important facts as to why Omega 3 supplements help improve ADHD/ADD and depression. I also chose a supplement that contained a natural triglyceride (which helps maintain the potency in your system during the digestive process).

After six months of taking the fish oil, three times a day, I saw amazing results! My son not only had better concentration, but his mood swings were less severe, and frequent. His memory also greatly improved. After one year of being on the supplements, my son tested out of the Special Education/IEP Program for speech and language therapy. His reading and comprehension test results jumped from a 3rd grade level to an 8th grade level. The team of teachers could not believe the results and wanted to know what I had done differently. When I told them that the only difference was the supplements, they said that they wish I could tell other parents.

In closing, don't just take my word for it, please do your own research as to the benefits of Omega 3 supplements. There are several studies done by major University's such as Harvard and Pittsburgh to back up my statements. As a mother, who has walked in your shoes, I feel your pain and hope my experience will lead you on a path that will be beneficial not only to your children, but your entire family.
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SoccerMom said...

I did the same thing with my son, I refused to medicate him to the max and re-searched what my options could be. As it turns out this is an amazing solution but, for some reason it works best in boys.
I applaud you for standing your ground and him for his successes.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what amounts did you give your son? I have started my 7 year olkd on Omega-3 2000 mg twice daily EPA 350 mg DHA 230mg. Nothing really tells you what to try so I am just trying this and m dying to find someone else who has done it and had it work for them. Please could you email me at