Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Thanks!

I didn't have to cook! THANKS
I didn't have to bake! THANKS
I didn't have to clean! THANKS
I only had to eat! THANKS (I think)

Food, Family, Friends and that's a THANKSGIVING!


Me, Adam, Elijah, Anthony, Natascha & Dillon~Missing Josh & Jullien

My Boys~Joshy & Elijah...MISSING Jullien

The Kids...Natascha's glowing due to her recent engagement.

THE PETRARCA FAMILY~My Hubby, Seidy, Benny,Vivian, Brigett & Erica

Brigett & Erica's Boys

Me & My Friend Debbie

The Petrarca Crew-EATING STOP # 1

The Balibrea House-EATING STOP #2

Deb & My Brother-In-Law Jay

Anthony Hitting the Desert Table First!

I'm so thankful to have such an amazing family &'s always so much fun to hang out and be together.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jullien Herrera in Details Magazine

Fotos: Eric Ogden
Styling: Wayne Gross C

I was excited to see my son Julliens pictures in Details Magazine (December 2009 Issue). The new issue features John Mayer on the cover. Jullien is in a photo spread for Lord and Taylor Street Smarts.

He is staying in New York for Thanksgiving. I was sad that he wouldn't be able to come home, but luckily his girlfriend Chelsea, well kind of his girlfriend...they broke up because he lives in New York now but they still act like they're together whenever they see each other. Anyways, Chelsea's dad took the family to New York for Chelsea's birthday on the 23rd & Thanksgiving. It's nice to know that he wont be alone during his first Holiday away.

I hope he will be able to come home for Christmas, but it just depends on his schedule. This is hard to get used to but I'm so proud of him and happy that he is able to experience so much at such a young age.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Eat-A-Thon

It's that time of year again, the holidays are just around the corner and I'm preparing for the big Thanksgiving Eat-A-Thon. I'm not the best cook, so every year we go to my sister-in-laws AND my sisters house for Thanksgiving. First stop is at 1:00 p.m. We try and eat light...YA RIGHT! By the time we get to my sisters at 5:00 p.m. we are so full but just keep eating.

I've been gearing up for the Eat-A-Thon. I came up with a plan to help me feel better about the inevitable. I've been walking every night and doing my floor excercises. I feel like I'm getting ready for a marathon!LOL! But I do have a strategy this year. I'm excercising BEFORE the big event. Losing the 5-7 lbs before the BIG day...then I'll have some room to grow and not feel as guilty.
Those of you who have to visit lots of homes too...feel free to steal my idea.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life, Kids & Lessons

I was excited to see that one of Jullien's recent photo shoots by photographer David Wang was featured on MODELS.COM (Click Here To Leave a Comment).

When he first was signed with Red Models they put his pictures up and it's cool to see that they are still impressed with him as he continues to grow in his career.

I'm so proud of all my boys...Josh is going to Cosmetology school full time and just passed all his tests and is now getting hands on training in the school's student salon. He is also working part time and paying his way through school by himself. I'm so thankful that he has been able to find something that he enjoys doing. He wants to eventually open up his own Rock n Roll style salon.

Elijah just finished football & had an awesome season. He's feeling a little bored with all the extra time he has on his hands. He didn't want to try out for the school basketball team, he wants to play for the fun recreational league instead. He is just waiting till his second favorite sport starts...Track. He received his first progress report and is getting all A's & 1 B.

I have to laugh...I never thought my two manly, athletic boys would end up in the beauty industry. Life's a funny thing...we come up with all kinds of ideas of what our kids will grow up to be. But all we can really hope for is that they are able to pursue and follow THEIR dreams.

I often thought that I was doing all of the guiding and teaching but as the kids got older I've learned that they are also teaching me life lessons as I grow with them along the way.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Loss of Daul

Photos of Model Daul Kim

Four months ago I stumbled across Daul Kim's Blog through Daul was a famous Korean Model who was also a very talented painter. She wrote for a magazine and made frequent television appearances.

I've been following & commenting on Daul’s Blog regularly. Her deep sadness and sorrow was evident in her writing. I felt a sense of protectiveness because of her vulnerability. I always tried to write uplifting things to encourage her. She never responded but she did visit my Blog several times. I continued to feel the need to read her writings daily...I wanted to help her in some way. Trying to reach her deep lonliness. I last left a message on November 8th. Nothing inspirational or encouraging just idle talk. I clicked on her Blog late Wednesday night the 18th (her final post)...but never left a comment. She had posted a You Tube video with techno music and a final post: "say hi to...forever."

Upon hearing of her passing I felt such a deep sorrow. She was not only beautiful, but a deep, passionate & intelligent person. Reports say she was found hanging in her Paris apartment on November 19th by her boyfriend.

What could have been said to help her and change this? What did everyone around her miss?
My answer would have to be…no one ever knows the extent of someone’s depression. They become masters at hiding the pain behind humor. The mask that is worn is often a perfect disguise. But the writings tell of something deeper. We each need to really LISTEN to those around us who may be secretly crying out.

You will be missed Daul.

My prayers go out to her family and friends. Such an incredible loss of a beautiful, talented and intelligent, 20 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cleaning, Schedules...AND SLEEP!

Elijah & Donald called up together as OUTSTANDING Linebackers!

Da Boys-Ryan, Cooper, Donald, Elijah & Trenton

Ryan, Cooper, Donald & Elijah (STUDS)

Chowing Down at Edison's Freshman Football Banquet

Wow, I haven’t updated my Blog since the weekend. So here’s what’s been going on, Sunday we had Elijah’s end of the year Football banquet. They made a really cool video for each of the boys. At the end they added outtakes. We were all cracking up! It was really well done and I loved it because the showed all of Elijah’s touchdowns and interceptions.

Monday I had the day off because my boss was on vacation. I had a lot of stuff planned to take care of because my good friend Debbie is coming to stay with us for a while. But of course nothing ever goes as planned. I got up, ate some oatmeal, laid down to read my morning devotional and fell asleep until 1:00 P.M.!!

Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning Jullien’s room for Debbie to stay in while he’s gone. What a nightmare! I can’t believe how kids can find so many hiding places for all their crap when you tell them to clean their room! I even found clothes that he’s had since he was 12. That took me the rest off the day, but I finally got it all done. If Juj’s was that bad I’m afraid to see what is hiding in Elijah & Adams room. That will be a project for another day.

Josh has been staying in Juj’s room since he’s been gone. I told him he could move into Elijah & Adam’s room while Debbie is here, but I think he got mad that I asked him to move and said, “NO, I’ll just stay with friends for a while.”

Whatever...I’m not going to stress about it, he’s a big boy and if he wants to act like a baby I’m not going to let it get to me.

On a positive note, I fell asleep at 10:00 p.m. last night. I’ve been so worn out from going to sleep at 2:00 a.m. every night, (insomnia). I feel really good today...sleep is AMAZING!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Photo: Jon Malinowski

Today is my son Jullien's 18th birthday. I already blogged about his almost 18th birthday, which we celebrated early knowing that he would be in New York again on the actual day. I miss him so much, but I'm proud of him and excited that he is able to travel and see the world.

I never would have pictured him having a career in modeling. He was my only son who HATED to have his picture taken. He would hide and when I'd find him, he refused to smile. Most of the pictures I have are with him scowling.

Life's a funny thing!

My son, the ultimate athlete. The all-star on every team, in every sport. His will and determination to be the best is like nothing I've ever seen before. He is fearless. A quality that I admire so much. I think too many of us let fear control our lives.
Jullien has taken this opportunity and ran with it. At 18 years old, he has so much ahead of him...he has learned the importance of seizing the moment. I love him and am so grateful that I was blessed with such an AMAZING son.

JULLIEN=Character, integrity, sense of humor, loving, compassionate, determined, loyal, and trustworthy. I couldn't be prouder of the man you've become.

Manuel de la Cruz Show-New York Fashion Week S/S 10

Copperwheat Fashion Show-New York Fashion Week S/S 10

Photo Shoots

Photo: Jon Malinowski

Dazed & Confused Magazine-Photo: Terry Tsiolis

Photo: Eric Mas

Photo: Jon Malinowski

DILEMMAS MAGAZINE- Aug. 2009 Edition

Mon Ari/Book Homme Fashion Show-New York Fashion Week S/S 10

Backstage at Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week S/S 10

Photo: Jon Malinowski


Edison Football-Voted 1st Team All Sunset League Linebacker

Edison Basketball Team

NJB Basketball

HVLL Major Angels

Edison Volleyball Team

Jullien Surfing

HAWAII Championship Pop Warner Football Game

Huntington Valley Championship Major All-Star Team
(almost made it to Little League World Series)

Baby JuJu


Monday, November 9, 2009

Check This Out...

We woke up on Friday morning at 1:30 a.m. to head over to the high school to decorate for the traditional Edison vs. Fountain Valley Bell game. I've never been able to participate in prior years because I couldn't get off of work. I was finally able to this year. I have to tell you it's A LOT of work but it is worth it! The entire school is completely covered...even the sidewalk. Here's some pics~

Normally I wouldn't have a problem, but half way through it my back was KILLING me. I had to wear that stupid boot since I broke my foot and a tennis shoe on the other foot. I was totally lopsided...which I didn't even think about at the time. But three hours into it I was DYING! I felt like an old person...I was hobbling around holding my back.

Everyone went out to breakfast afterwards, but not me...I went home took four Advil & went to sleep. I was planning on waking up to go to the pep rally, but I was passed out. I finally woke up at 2:00 p.m. My back was still ridiculous...I started to get ready for the game, took more Advil and with total dread, put on that stupid boot. I'm over that thing!!

The good news is we beat Fountain Valley, no we KILLED wasn't even a contest. Funny because it was televised and hyped up so much. We were both 8-0, with the winner basically sealing the championship. So it looks like we will be the #1 seed heading into CIF Championships in two weeks.

My back is feeling better too...just can't wait to be done wearing this boot. Next year I will make sure I'm not such a clutz so I can enjoy it a little more!