Friday, November 20, 2009

The Loss of Daul

Photos of Model Daul Kim

Four months ago I stumbled across Daul Kim's Blog through Daul was a famous Korean Model who was also a very talented painter. She wrote for a magazine and made frequent television appearances.

I've been following & commenting on Daul’s Blog regularly. Her deep sadness and sorrow was evident in her writing. I felt a sense of protectiveness because of her vulnerability. I always tried to write uplifting things to encourage her. She never responded but she did visit my Blog several times. I continued to feel the need to read her writings daily...I wanted to help her in some way. Trying to reach her deep lonliness. I last left a message on November 8th. Nothing inspirational or encouraging just idle talk. I clicked on her Blog late Wednesday night the 18th (her final post)...but never left a comment. She had posted a You Tube video with techno music and a final post: "say hi to...forever."

Upon hearing of her passing I felt such a deep sorrow. She was not only beautiful, but a deep, passionate & intelligent person. Reports say she was found hanging in her Paris apartment on November 19th by her boyfriend.

What could have been said to help her and change this? What did everyone around her miss?
My answer would have to be…no one ever knows the extent of someone’s depression. They become masters at hiding the pain behind humor. The mask that is worn is often a perfect disguise. But the writings tell of something deeper. We each need to really LISTEN to those around us who may be secretly crying out.

You will be missed Daul.

My prayers go out to her family and friends. Such an incredible loss of a beautiful, talented and intelligent, 20 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her.

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April said...

Oh wow...that's sad!!:( That's good that you tried to reach out to her. I'm sure it touched her in some way.