Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jullien Herrera in Details Magazine

Fotos: Eric Ogden
Styling: Wayne Gross C

I was excited to see my son Julliens pictures in Details Magazine (December 2009 Issue). The new issue features John Mayer on the cover. Jullien is in a photo spread for Lord and Taylor Street Smarts.

He is staying in New York for Thanksgiving. I was sad that he wouldn't be able to come home, but luckily his girlfriend Chelsea, well kind of his girlfriend...they broke up because he lives in New York now but they still act like they're together whenever they see each other. Anyways, Chelsea's dad took the family to New York for Chelsea's birthday on the 23rd & Thanksgiving. It's nice to know that he wont be alone during his first Holiday away.

I hope he will be able to come home for Christmas, but it just depends on his schedule. This is hard to get used to but I'm so proud of him and happy that he is able to experience so much at such a young age.


Tj and Amy said...

OMG! He looks so great! I am going to go and get a copy today! I can't wait! we should plan a vacation out there to visit him when we all have some money. I heard flights are pretty cheap.

April said...

Woo!Hoo! Lookin' good Juju!!! That's so cool! I forgot to pick up a magazine while I was out today, but I'll get one this weekend for sure! How fun!

gaelikaa said...

Way to go! He's lovely. Must be awful for him and Chelsea 'though, being apart. Seems to be what happens when you fall in young at a young age!

Kay Kay said...

Hi Lisa,
I am so glad I found your blog. My daughter is Kurstin Beaver, she's the female model in the Lord and Taylor ad with your son, he's a very good looking guy. I really like your blog.

Helen McGinn said...

He's looking great! You must be so proud! xx

~Trish~ said...

THAT is awesome!!!!