Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jullien Herrera/Luke Simon Viral Video

A while back Jullien auditioned for a Viral Video for "Luke Simon Menswear". He was hoping to at least get a small role in it, but to his surprise, he booked the lead.

It was shot by Mark Humphrey/Mark Humphrey Creative, who is a well known photographer/videographer/director/producer (Budweiser Commercials, Guess Jeans -w/Charlize Theron, American Apparel, Snoop Dog, Leonardo DiCaprio)

It was just released so I wanted to share it with you:

He also shot this Lookbook over the Holidays:

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time For Creativity

I love taking pictures almost as much as I love to write. I usually find inspiration at the beach, it just takes you to a different place.

The moment I get there, I find myself letting out a huge sigh. Just releasing all the cares & worries that have filled my day.

What is it about the beach?

I live literally 5 minutes away & I never seem to get down there as much as I'd like to.

Take a stroll with me along the beaches of Southern California (Double Click to Enlarge):


All Photos By: Lisa Petrarca

Sunset Stroll

Under the Pier

Lone Surfer at Sunset

Picture Perfect Moment...

Snapping a Wave

Local Surfer

Palm Tree Tips


Volleyball at Sunset

Tube at the Jetty's

Hiding Crab

Empty Lifeguard Tower

Strolling Birds

Private Dock


Bird of Paradise

Preparing For Flight

Washed Ashore

I wanted to submit some pictures to sell on a Photo site, but then I would have to Photoshop them to death.

It seems as though all pictures nowadays are fixed, enhanced, and changed to portray some kind of perfection.

I like my raw, un-retouched photos. It's what I saw at that moment. It's what I was hoping to share with others...bringing them to that exact time that took my breath away.

~Finding time to create~

~Finding me~


~The ability to be who I really am~

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Got Ripped Off!

It was one of those typical Sunday mornings...rushing around, trying to clean the house before church so it would be ready for the Open House and then I literally got ripped off!

Here's how the day stacked up:

1. Clean the house~
2. Go to church~
3. Hurry home to grab the dog~
4. Go to dog beach/downtown for 4 hours during the Open House~
5. Come home, drop the dog off and head to the kids basketball game~
6. After the game, run to the store for drinks & then over to my hubby's ex-wifes house for Dillons 18th birthday dinner~

It was just a typical day for us...RUN, RUN, RUN.

Now in between dropping the dog off at home and heading to the basketball game, I noticed something was missing.

I ran upstairs to take my vitamins & prescription meds.

I had an emergency hysterectomy when I was in my 30's due to endometriosis...I almost died (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY). So I've been taking hormones daily ever since. I also had some pills for a cough that's been lingering from the flu/cold.

I usually put my basket of vitamins/meds away before the Open House, but I was running late so I left it on my dresser. I went to dig down to the bottom of the basket & the Premarin & cough medicine was gone. I looked around, thinking, "Where could they be...they're always here? No, someone couldn't have stolen them?"

That's when I noticed that the bathroom cabinet was open & my husband said the downstairs cabinet was also open with stuff out.

Someone totally had stolen my meds!!!

How creepy is that? Someone was rummaging through our things!

Our Realtor felt so bad. She held the Open House alone and we have three stories. She said it was packed the entire day, she couldn't walk through the house with everyone because then no one would be downstairs when people got there. She said that nothing like that has ever happened at any of her Open Houses before.

I guess I should feel lucky that's the only thing they took...but I still feel violated!

Guess there's a lot of desperate pill freaks out there who need female hormones!

Hisham Oumlil Fashion Show-Jullien Herrera

I've added several videos of the Fashion Shows that Jullien was sure to scroll down through all previous posts...


He actually had two separate suits in this show, but they only showed the final suit (he is the last one-closed out the show...woo hoo!)

Finally-Justin Timberlake-William Rast Fashion Show!

I FINALLY get to see the Justin Timberlake/William Rast Show with my son in it! My computer glitched during the live show! I found two different video views...check it out...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Live Mechanics Fashion Show

This was one of the first shows that Jullien did during New York Fashion Week, Live Mechanics Charity Fashion Show.

Thom Browne Fashion Show:

I've been posting all the shows that my son Jullien was in during New York Fashion Week.

Check out the quirky Thom Browne NY Fashion Show on GQ.Com.

Fashion Shows: CLICK HERE

Jullien Herrera- Thom Browne Show

While I was looking through all the pictures I couldn't find my son. I checked twice & thought...

I can't believe that I don't recognize him in this show!

I had to call him & ask what he was wearing. Then once I went back a third time & found him.

Do you think he looks a lot different?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Justin Timberlake "William Rast Fashion Show"

Found some pics of the Justin Timberlake "William Rast NY Fashion Show," now I'm just waiting for them to post the actual fashion show again so I can see it at work.

Jullien's outfit before the show

Jullien Herrera (second from top)~Double Click To View Larger Image

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Shows:

As New York Fashion week comes to a close today...I'm going to post a few more links to pictures of different shows that Jullien was in (GQ didn't let me pull the actually picture off their site to post here). The picture at the GQ.Com link is for the Hisham Oumlil Fashion Show...

He looks so handsome in a suit!

Fashion Shows: (CLICK HERE)

**I think there is only a few more shows to post...then I promise to write about something other than Fashion Week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


You guys know how excited I was to get to finally see my son in a live fashion show. Justin Timberlake posted a live feed of his "William Rast FW 2010" show online.

So, being the proud mama...I Blogged, Twittered, Facebooked, Emailed & Text all of my Blogging, Twitting, Facebooking & texting friends and family. I wanted to make sure everyone else got the chance to attend a front row New York Fashion Week FW 2010 event also.

I rushed home from work, logged on & waited. They seemed to be running a little behind.

Now lets be clear...I KNOW my computer is a total piece, but I thought I could at least watch it as it stuttered through (think of looking at still pictures & pressing the next arrow over & over giving it a stuttering effect.)

I'm watching the crowd mingling and waiting for the show to start.

All of a sudden I get a text from two of my sisters saying, "YAY...I just saw him" and "AWWWE."

Now I'm confused, my screen continues to show the waiting crowd. I said, "WHAT...YOU SAW HIM?"

"Yeah he looked awesome!"

I clicked off & on again just in time to see the stuttering, blurry video of him turning the corner in the grand finale walk with everyone.

NOOOOOO! This did not just happen!


Hopefully Justin will post it on his William Rast Website or on You Tube so I can watch it at work.

*On another note, Jullien got to wheel out Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy & Ashley Simpson's husband) after walking in his ANGELS & KINGS show last night.

The Radar Online Article Reads"Pete Wentz Silences the Fashion Week Grand Entrance"


He got to show off his new indian tattoo too!

Ashley Simpson in the Crowd

Justin Timberlake Live Fashion Show-William Rast

Justin Timberlake will be streaming his fashion show "William Rast FW 2010" LIVE today 4:00pm (PST) 7:00 p.m. (EST).



CLICK HERE to see pictures of last years star packed show

I'm excited...this will be the first show that I'll get to see my son in. Be sure to watch for him ~ Jullien Herrera.

Monday, February 15, 2010

New York Fashion Week-Male Modeling

New York Fashion Week Show Card & 'THE FASHIONISTO' Write Up~CLICK HERE

I wanted to update everyone on Jullien & his life as a model in NYC.

He's been doing tons of castings & shows (5 already & 2 more confirmed).

Today he had the Thom Browne show, and was supposed to be there at 11:00 am to practice before the show, which started at 3:00 pm. He also had a casting for the Tommy Hilfiger show at 12:30, but had to go early and was only able to see the assistant.

He did the Hisham Oumlil show a few days ago & he has the Pete Wentz-Angels & Kings show tomorrow. He also booked the Justin Timberlake show (he has a new fashion line-William Rast) .

Here are the pictures of the Manuel de la Cruz Show:

Casting Photos

Waiting to get primped

It's a process!

Manuel de la Cruz Show FW2010

Busy Boy!

Valentine's Day Dine & Dash?

It was supposed to be the perfect romantic date. My husband said he was taking me to a movie in the afternoon & then later that evening he had made dinner reservations for 7:00 p.m.

Now, being the good wife, I told him that I wanted to pay for dinner with my separate account, which I deposit money into from my Ebay & Skin Care sales.

Everything was going as planned, he took me to a cute little 'chick flick', "When in Rome" and then we went home for a while before it was time for dinner.

We arrived at the restaurant a little early and a friend (who is a waitress), that I've known for years (our 21 yr. olds played football together since they were 7) snuck up behind me & gave me a hug. I haven't seen her in a while, we had a few minutes to catch up while we waited to be seated.

Dinner was amazing, (Filet Mignon), & then desert (Mocha Mud Pie). We were stuffed & ready to head home.

The bill came & I reached into my purse to get my credit card...but it wasn't there!

Okay now here is where I need to do a little explaining.

Saturday we had another open house & had to find something to do with our dog for 4 hrs. again. I have a really big purse & always transfer my stuff into a small backpack that's easier to carry when we head down to dog beach.

I thought I had put everything back into my purse on Saturday evening.

But as I continued to fumble through my wallet, I remembered that I had put my license & credit card into a 'secret' compartment so that it wouldn't fall out of the backpack.

The compartment was so secret that I had obviously forgotten to look there while transferring my things.

My husband left our other card at home because I was treating.

That is the moment when you have to make a choice.

Dine & Dash or leave my hubby sitting in the booth while I drive home to get my card.

Hmmm...decisions...what to do?

It's like that cartoon, where the angel & devil is sitting on each shoulder, "Just go, who cares!" "Don't listen to him...that's stealing!"

JUST know what I did!

It took me about 15 minutes to get home and back. I have to admit, while I was driving I was cracking up, thinking about my poor hubby sitting there alone for 15 minutes while the waitress is probably watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't run out too.

On my way back I called him & said, "Hey, you better be really nice to me because if I don't come back, they'll hold you hostage & make you wash dishes or something."

He didn't think it was very funny!

While he was sitting alone in the booth, some former players of his & their parents came walking up, "Hey coach, how you doing?"

He said he felt so stupid, sitting there all alone in the booth on Valentine's Day.

When I got back, I guess he had told our waitress the whole story & she must've gone in the back & told everyone else. My friend came up to the table laughing & said, "Why didn't you guys tell me? I would've vouched for you or paid for it with my card!"

So I guess the last laugh was on me! We headed out to a group of waiters & waitresses all standing there, cracking up & telling us, "Have a great night!"

How embarrassing...leave it to me!

Very romantic don't ya think?!?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old Photo's & Memories

My computer (an old iMac) is driving me CRAZY! It is so messed up right now that I decided to start uploading all of my old saved pictures onto my Flickr account just to be safe.

While going through them & putting them into albums, I stumbled across some old favorites and thought I'd share them with all of you.


Elijah, Jullien & Josh (My gorgeous Boys!)

Virginia City-Josh, Jullien, Dillon, Elijah & Adam

A Real Panther in Virginia City

Family Christmas Pic

Anthony & Jullien in Hawaii- Pop Warner Midget Championship Football Game (We Won!)

Elijah Receiving Another Academic & Athletic Award

Joshy's Birthday Surf Board

Me & My Costa Rican/Italian Stallion~4th of July @ The Beach

USC Football Camp with Pete Carroll.

Jullien called out to show them a defensive drill @ USC

Joshy's Senior Prom

Tashy & Cousin Tristan

My Mom & Me

Lijey & Allie

Girls Vegas Trip-My Mom & Sisters

My Best Friends Wedding

Jullien (Edison High Football~1st Team All Sunset League Linebacker) Rival Bell Game (We Won!)

Joshy-Record Setting Track Team~(He beat this kid!) 4 yr. Letterman
~Can you tell he's the only Freshman?

Elijah Southern California Championship Track Meet (Elijah placed 1st in the 400M & 2nd in the 200M) Check out that form!

Another year* Another 1st Place in the 400 Meter~ So. Cal. Track Championship

Jullien's 2009 Graduation-This is one of his Fav Teachers...can you tell! This picture cracks me up...I captured the perfect moment!

This is why I love pictures...amazing moments frozen in time!