Monday, February 22, 2010

I Got Ripped Off!

It was one of those typical Sunday mornings...rushing around, trying to clean the house before church so it would be ready for the Open House and then I literally got ripped off!

Here's how the day stacked up:

1. Clean the house~
2. Go to church~
3. Hurry home to grab the dog~
4. Go to dog beach/downtown for 4 hours during the Open House~
5. Come home, drop the dog off and head to the kids basketball game~
6. After the game, run to the store for drinks & then over to my hubby's ex-wifes house for Dillons 18th birthday dinner~

It was just a typical day for us...RUN, RUN, RUN.

Now in between dropping the dog off at home and heading to the basketball game, I noticed something was missing.

I ran upstairs to take my vitamins & prescription meds.

I had an emergency hysterectomy when I was in my 30's due to endometriosis...I almost died (CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY). So I've been taking hormones daily ever since. I also had some pills for a cough that's been lingering from the flu/cold.

I usually put my basket of vitamins/meds away before the Open House, but I was running late so I left it on my dresser. I went to dig down to the bottom of the basket & the Premarin & cough medicine was gone. I looked around, thinking, "Where could they be...they're always here? No, someone couldn't have stolen them?"

That's when I noticed that the bathroom cabinet was open & my husband said the downstairs cabinet was also open with stuff out.

Someone totally had stolen my meds!!!

How creepy is that? Someone was rummaging through our things!

Our Realtor felt so bad. She held the Open House alone and we have three stories. She said it was packed the entire day, she couldn't walk through the house with everyone because then no one would be downstairs when people got there. She said that nothing like that has ever happened at any of her Open Houses before.

I guess I should feel lucky that's the only thing they took...but I still feel violated!

Guess there's a lot of desperate pill freaks out there who need female hormones!


KC Mom said... What a creeper! I'm sure they were hoping for some percocet or something...they are in for the treat they deserve when they take your hormones! What idiots.

Sarah loves it all said...

Crazy!! I'm stopping by your blog via SITS. Looks like we share a love of fashion!

Ribbons and Pigtails said...

Ewww! People never cease to amaze me! Happy SITS day! Hugs, Ingrid

Phivos Nicolaides said...

There is a nice Greek song which says... "Never on Sunday..."! Hugs.

Lady Jane said...

OMG!! That's creepy. Sorry it happened.

Visiting from SITS...


Random Musings Of My Life said...

EEWWW that makes me SO MAD!!!

People are so horrible!

tattytiara said...

Stealing someone's medicine. That's about as low as it gets.

April said...

What the heck??? What a violation of privacy! That's is pretty low...what goes around comes around!!

San said...

Who in his/her right mind would steal medics and vitamins? And on an open house. The weirdest and most ugliest thing.

And it seems like we not only share our love for photography. I had endometriosis too, also with a surgery. I hate to go to my gynecologist since then.