Friday, September 11, 2015

Remembering 9/11

Every day on my Facebook and Instagram sites I post a "THANKFUL TRAIN" message. I do this to make sure I think of at least one thing I'm thankful for each day reminding me of the Blessings in my life. Some days are definitely harder than others and let's face it...the Anniversary of 9/11 made today extra difficult. So here's what I came up with:

Every 9/11 the memories of shock, horror, sadness and disbelief spring forth. Everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing all those years ago. It's etched into every fiber of our being...the day our safety and freedom was attacked. 

Out of the ashes of tragedy a great rise of love, hope and restoration emerged. The Heart of America, the people, "One Nation Under GOD, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All" poured out over the sorrow. We truly were *One* Nation under *GOD*, meeting the needs  of people however we were able.

Today, 14 years later, it seems that although the memory is embedded, our wonderful Country has seen a great divide. Our Nation is moving backwards as GOD is being pushed out of the Heart of America. 

Today I'm thankful for the memory of the *response* to this great tragedy in our history. The Love was incredible. The hearts of everyone United in the face of evil. I pray for our Great Nation, that we will get back to the *Heart* of what's truly important and remember...
"For with GOD nothing shall be impossible."~Luke 1:37

Jump on today's "THANKFUL TRAIN"...what are you thankful for?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Summer Visual Escape

I went on several adventures this summer and wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

The first shot is my very first trip to the Grand Canyon.

Below...I loved capturing my hubby (who still skates at 50) with our son Adam. 
I stopped right in the middle of my bike ride, walked back to capture these beauties peaking over the wall. Because super-sunflowers like these are meant to be captured!
Lazy summer days and bubbles at the beach.
This adventure to Antelope Canyon was on my "Must See" list and I wasn't disappointed!
"Chasing Light"
"River of Sand"
"Beam of Glory"
This shot was captured on my way out after they told us to put our cameras away. There's only one way in and then you travel the same way out so they want you to be quick on the way out. With my Nikkon in my bag, I was able to pull out my iPhone just in time to quickly snap a shot of what appeared to be an Angel hovering above the crowd. It was a site to behold!
My hubby captured me conquering my fear of heights at "Horseshoe Bend"
View from our campsite at Lake Powell.
One of my favorite local getaways in "Laguna Beach".
Our hike to nowhere. We never found our caves but still saw amazing beauty!
I love summer days, vacations and even stay-cations that get me outdoors. 

Vans US Open of Surfing

I usually make it to several days of the VANS U.S. Open of Surfing Competition. This year however, with the wedding and all the family coming into town, I only had time to make it down for one day of prelims. 

I was lucky enough to capture a shot of the surfer who ended up winning the whole thing, Hiroto Ohhara of Japan during his prelim stage. It was the first time a surfer from Japan has won the U.S. Open. 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Son Got Married!

Our son Dillon married the love of his life, Bri on August 6th! 
We finally have another girl in the family! WooHoo!

It was such a special day! 

Of course I had a front row view and even though I didn't have my good Nikon with me...I couldn't help myself, the photographer in me just couldn't sit by and not capture it all with the only thing I had on hand~my cell phone.

So...let me just take you into our big day. You'll have to bare with me because such a special occasion requires *picture overload* and a few videos. 
*~*Be sure to watch the surprise Bride & Bridesmaid Dance!

Before the wedding pics:
And this beautiful daughter of ours will be bringing our first grandchild into the world in December!
My future daughter-in-law!



Family Dancing

After Wedding Shenanigans:
Thanks for stopping by. I loved getting to share this day of love with you!