Thursday, April 17, 2008

Uplifting Poem- PUSH AHEAD

I always try to post something uplifting and encouraging in my Blog, however my previous post was a little out of the ordinary. I have been going through a tough situation lately and really needed to get some things off of my chest. I felt bad after I wrote it and thought I need to re-post the poem I wrote for my son...and read it again myself, hope you find it inspirational!


Your courage and strength is your crowning glory

They can never take away your personal story

You and God determine your destination

Push ahead, without hesitation

Try as they might to break your spirit

Your heart and faith will keep you in it

Believe in yourself and your path will be clear

Push ahead, your dreams are so near

Fear and doubt will creep inside

You sometimes want to just run and hide

You’re scared of failure and all it entails

Push ahead, and you will not derail

The road ahead seems long and tough

The twists and turns sometimes seem too rough

Your goals are worth the struggle ahead

Push ahead, your hopes and dreams are worth the tread

Reach high above and look toward the sky

It sometimes takes just one more try

Your steps are sure and your way is clear

Push ahead, and you’ll overcome your greatest fear

Perseverance is what it will take to shape and mold

You and God will decide what your future will hold

All your dreams inside are about to unfold

Push ahead, the story of your life is yet to be told


April said...

That's a neat poem Lis. I thought, from your last few blog posts, that something wasn't right. I'm sorry to hear about Josh and him blaming you for things. You have seriously been such a good mother and raised and taught all of your boys so well. Can I send mine down to you? Anyways, Josh does know better and, unfortunately at times, everyone has their free agency. Hopefully he will learn from this (too bad it had to be the hard way.) Does that remind you of Uncle John?
Don't ever second-guess what a wonderful mother you are. You've always wanted the best for your kids and gave and continue to give them all you could.
I love you!

StacyB said...

Your writing continues to amaze me. We still need to turn that into a song for next years Idol entry.
I feel so blessed to have you as my sister and my friend, and I enjoy the time we have spent together lately with you and Anthony. I really loved our little bedroom pow-wow watching that funky movie!!

kidz said...

I hope it's ok I posted your poem on a blog for special needs children.

Thank you for your inspiration.