Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Can I Eat It

My friend is a personal trainer & recently challenged her Facebook friends to start listing everything they eat each day in an effort to get ready for summer. I wrote a comment back to her saying, "You don't want to know what I eat everyday...it's scary, but here's a little sample (twinkies, cupcakes & cereal at midnight)."

I've been pretty lucky my whole life, I'm a junk food junky & can usually eat whatever I want without gaining weight.

Unfortunately age has changed all that.

I've just had so many bad habits over the years that the thought of giving up my sweets just makes me almost sick.

The more I thought about it, I figured that writing down what I eat will probably make me think first & try to get some type of will power...for my bikini this summer.

So I'm in...somewhat reluctantly but I know it's a necessity.


Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: Three spicy tuna rolls, 5 strips of seared peppered Ahi, 1 shrimp, two chunks of bread, single bite size of each-cheesecake, chocolate truffle, bread pudding. (My boss took us out to lunch so it was larger than normal)- see already justifying.
Snack: 4 thin mint cookies
Dinner: Small portion of stew, slice of whole wheat bread w/ butter & apple sauce
Desert: Bowl of cereal (Cocoa Krispies)~justification # 2: I'm eating it at 9:00 instead of midnight.

Exercise: 20 minute walk & 10 minute floor exercises (stomach, legs, butt & thighs)

Final daily justification:
Something I ate didn't agree with me at all so I've been in the bathroom most of the night...I no longer need to count all of the calories I just ate!

I will try harder tomorrow!!!!!

If you're feeling brave, join me in my accountability list...click on the comment section & list what you're eating each day. Lets see if we can't get in shape by Memorial Day!


KC Mom said...

It really does work to do that.
I downloaded an app for my phone called Losing It.
It calculates how much weight I want to lose and figures out the calories I need to eat and burn everyday. I keep track of the foods I eat on it and it does all the math. It has most everything I eat already on it. It tells me how many calories I burn during exercise and factors that in for me. It's free.
The only bummer are the times when I go over...like yesterday! :)

April said...

Wow! That's a hard one! Good for you though!!!