Wednesday, April 29, 2009

American Idol-Who Went Home 4-29-09

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WHAT? Adam Lambert almost eliminated? This was a shocker...Adam has never been in the bottom two. If I wanted to really analyze it, I would have to say that everyone just assumed Adam would get the votes and used their call to save someone else.

Now, back to my previous post, I did get half of the bottom two correct. Matt Giraud and Adam stood side by side awaiting their fate. Waiting, waiting, waiting, through Natalie Cole, Taylor Hicks and Jaime Foxx's performances. Put yourself in their place, could you imagine having to sit there through an entire show trying to smile and act happy? Unable to enjoy the celebrity performances, what a terrible place to be in! While the other "saved" contestant sit in their victory chairs, laughing, clapping, and singing along. I think I would want to run over and knock them off their little stools...OOPS...sorry, I got caught up in the whole thing for a moment, I wouldn't really do that!

Finally they announced that Matt Giraud would be going home (which was my final prediction). Tune in next week...I'm getting pretty good at this!


KC Mom said...

Ha! You ARE getting good at this...have you got the inside scoop? ;)

April said...

Too bad Matt went home! He was Ty's favorite! I'm kind of glad Adam was in the bottom two. I think he needed to be humbled a bit!

~Trish~ said...

As much as I wanted Adam to go bye bye I knew he wouldn't...ugh! LOL