Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol-Who Wins-Who Goes-5/19/09

Here is how my scorecard read for tonight's American Idol final sing off.

Round 1: TIE:

(both songs were amazing and they each performed exceptionally well)


(Adam showcased his "instrument" which is the only appropriate way to describe the sound coming out of his mouth! Kris also sounded good but very average and "bubble gummy")

Round 3: KRIS ALLEN:

(Between the two, Kris's take on the song was more believable and catchy. Adam seemed uncomfortable and unsure...probably because the song was BAD).

Yes, I know...this puts us back at square one. Now, if you ask me who I think should win...hands down ADAM.

Now, ask me who probably will win...KRIS! I think Kris will pull off the upset. Everyone is expecting Adam to take it, but I think Kris will get his usual loyal fans and also pick up some Danny Gokey fans.

So there you have it American Idol Fans...stay tuned tomorrow!


Danita said...

I'm not so sure! GO ADAM!! ;)

Stoppin in from SITS!

~Trish~ said...

I haven't watched it yet, it's on my DVR to watch today. I hope Kris gets all of Danny's votes, wouldn't that be an upset??

The Blonde Duck said...

From everyone I've heard that watches it, they want Adam to win!

April said...

I want Kris to win! Although I didn't vote, so I guess I can't complain if Adam does win.