Monday, May 4, 2009

Crazy Weekend Recap-Swine Flu Too?

My husband and I planned on having a whole weekend to ourselves and spent Friday night in a hotel (most couples stayed the entire weekend) to attend a great marriage conference called "A Weekend To Remember" (EVERY married couple should attend this!)

Of course with our crazy schedule, there is no such thing as an entire weekend to ourselves. Jullien had his Senior Prom (had to see them off and take tons of pics and will post later), Elijah had his Orange County Track Meet Championship Race on Sunday (another blog to write and post pics) and Anthony got really sick on Sunday. This is the worst flu he's ever had. I keep telling him it's the Swine Flu...but he says, "Stop trying to freak me out!" I've been joking...but now I'm really starting to wonder (do you think the NON-STOP media coverage has anything to do with my fear?!?)

I'm still working on signing Jullien's modeling contract, I'm being VERY careful. It's kind of scary because I want to make sure that I understand every area of the contract. This is taking longer than expected. I also went and applied for his Passport. I had to fill out all of Josh's FAFSA paperwork for school. Send out pictures to the show, "It's Me or The Dog," who came to tape and interview us for their show. Picked up Jullien's Senior pictures and trying to order the announcements (yes...I'm always the procrastinator). Tomorrow it's a conference call with the owner of Red Model Management to discuss all of my concerns/questions. Elijah has a CIBACS interview at 3:30 and Josh needs to turn in his FAFSA paperwork to his school. anyone as tired as I am after reading my RIDICULOUS schedule!


~Trish~ said...

S L O W D O W N :)

April said...

Busy girl!!! Call me when you get a minute and I'll tell you some of the things my friend told me about modeling...good things to keep in mind.