Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Date-Homecoming Dance

My son will be going on his very first date to his high school homecoming dance. Here in Orange County it's a big thing to think of some really special way to ask a girl to the dance. No one just asks them. You have to be original. Which of course usually leaves it up to the moms to come up with a great idea. Obviously a high school teenage boy doesn't think about that kind of stuff.

He decided to ask our friends GORGEOUS daughter.

Funny how protective I am as a mom, I don't want my baby boy to be rejected, so I had my hubby send out a text to our friend asking, "Elijah is thinking about asking Olivia to the dance, is she able to go on a date yet & do you think she would want too? Oh & don't tell her. "

They said, "She can, it just depends on whether she can break her plans with her friends (they already had a bus set up)."

LOL...I'm bad huh?

We typed up a note that said, "Olivia, will you go to the Homecoming Dance with me? Elijah"
Then typed up a bunch of other notes that said, "Not the right one, pick another one."

We headed off to Party City, got twelve helium balloons in her two favorite colors, (Elijah texted one of her friends to find out), bought confetti, folded the notes & placed a note & confetti in each balloon & then had them fill it with helium.

We typed up a scroll that said, "Pop a balloon find the note." Then headed to her house. He came back really quick still carrying the balloons & said, "Someone's in the kitchen & they can see me." I told him just do it & his friend Ryan who went with us said, "Do it!" So he ran up, set the balloons on the front porch, rang the doorbell & ran back to the getaway car before they could see us.

Fifteen minutes later she texted, "YES" with a heart.

I guess she popped all the balloons & didn't find the question until the very last one! Couldn't have worked out better if we had numbered them.

You KNOW I'll be posting TONS of pics...

AND...he just found out today that he was nominated for Sophomore class Homecoming Prince. He was nominated last year too but didn't win (Olivia's cousin did)...maybe this time.


bravegrrl said...

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!! i'd die if i was the grrl!

and and yes, i will definitely let you know bout the movie... gonna add it to my netflix que right now....

bravegrrl said...

ps... that is too funny... we are reading eachothers blogs at the same time! haha!

Lisa Petrarca said...

LOL...I KNOW, gotta love insomnia!

Lala said...

how cool !!!
we don`t have homecomings here :(

xo lala


Anonymous said...

haha.. That is so sweet.. :)
Hope your son enjoy his date/homecoming.. Wish we got that here.. Would be great if someone ask me to a dance with that special way.. Lucky Girl.. :]

Dixie Mom said...

I love the suspense of the guys asking the girls to the dances.
I didn't like it when I was their age...but I do now!

Anonymous said...

This is so cute...! I've never heard about anything like this..! But this sounds so lovely! ~

April said...

How fun! They ask like that to dances up here too. But the girls have to come up with a creative way to respond to them...too bad she didn't do that to Lijey! That would have been cool!;0)

Leesa said...

Oh my gosh, Lis!

What a cute story! I'm soo happy for your son!! Tell him to have fun... and take lots of pics (of course you will)!
Have a great weekend...
Hugs, Leese

MedaM said...

This is so cute, indeed. This post made me smile and made my day. It is great and so precious having such a wonderful family in the neighborhood like yours is. My husband and I also have an excellent relationship with our sons and I am so happy for that. I too always help my sons in whatever they need.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Sweet and cute. Warm welcome!