Monday, October 18, 2010

Jullien Herrera in Flaunt- John Varvatos

Just an update...

jullien herrera (top left & black & white photo)
double click for larger view

Here's the latest issue of Flaunt Magazine (photographed by Kevin Amato) with an article on John Varvatos & pictures of my son Jullien Herrera (Red Models), on

He will be turning 19 next month (November 14th) & I'm hoping he'll be able to come home but I'm not holding my breath...the life of a model (sigh).


eljovendario said...

Nice blog!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Wow, congratulations! You must be so proud!! He looks great! xoxoxoxoo

Anonymous said...

GO JUJE! Handsome guy; just lives and works too far away---darn! Grandma

bravegrrl said...

what a lucky mama you are!