Thursday, October 7, 2010

Very Scary...Do You Believe In Angels? (Part 1)

Yesterday it was raining really hard here in So. California. I usually don't think much about it because I used to live in Utah & I'm used to snow, white-outs and black ice, so rain is really more of a bother than anything.

That was until....

I headed to work in a downpour, was on the freeway almost at my exit when the rear end of my Navigator started to hydroplane (slide out). Since I'm used to dealing w/ black ice, I didn't panic. I took my foot off the gas (hitting your brakes will send you into a tail spin) and slowly tried to correct it. The back end then slid the other way, I corrected again. This continued two more back tires wouldn't grab. I finally slid off the freeway at 55 mph, missing a pole, hitting an embankment completely sideways.

I remember thinking, "Oh no, I'm going to roll over." My next thought was, "This is how it happens, people are on their way to work & the next second they never see their family again."

I skidded up onto the side of the hill, bracing myself for the flip. But it never happened! My car slid, spun around through the shrubs & bushes, then came to a stop with my front end facing the freeway, halfway up the hill.

I sat there shocked, frozen, thinking, "I'm okay, I can't believe I'm okay! What do I do now, I'm not hurt, I don't need to call 911."

A lady, came running down, through the pouring rain & bushes from the top of the hill. I opened my door and walked towards her. She grabbed me, hugged me & said, "God was watching over you today." I said, "You're right, I can't believe I didn't roll over." By this time a man also came down the hill. We all three examined my car & decided I could just drive it out back onto the freeway. As I headed back to my car, the woman hugged me again & said, "God was protecting you."

The man pushed me & as I slowly made my way back onto the freeway I looked back at the woman still standing in the pouring rain, she blew me a kiss. I blew one back to her & slowly made my way into the traffic, still in a daze & wondering about the woman.

Do you have a story where you feel like you were watched over & protected?

There's more...Part 2 Tomorrow


Anonymous said...


Good-heart person like you will always be watch over by God and the angels... :] Thank God you are still alive.. If not I wouldn't have the chance to say Thank You so much for the lengthy yet inspiring comments you wrote in my blog.. Thank you.. I will try to be better and be grateful.. :]


Dixie Mom said...

That's very scary. You right, you probably should have flipped. You are definitely being watched over.

Kimmy said... scary!!!! I am so glad you are okay!!! Yes, God was watching over you! I have had moments like that...thank the Good Lord he is in our lives too :o)

April said...

I'm so glad you were protected Lis! How scary! How sweet of that lady and the other people to come help you.

Mariabei said...

Great to hear you're safe & sound!

Leesa said...

Oh wow! That brought tears gushing... I'm SOOOO glad you're okay! That's the most important thing of all! I have been in two accidents in which I could have easily died right there at the scene, but instead, I was okay...
Well, injured badly but certainly still alive!
I DO believe in guardian angels, for sure! I know I have a few of them watching over me every day!
I'm glad God intervened and got you through this accident okay... Very scary... Sounds like you handled the whole thing very well ...

Lucy said...

Flu shots made my sister very sick. She survived polio when no one knew what to do for her but it crippled her on one side but the only thing that got her down was a reaction to the flu shot. I miss her terribly but she had cancer and died at age 70.