Friday, October 1, 2010

Money vs. Life

Lately I've been confronted with how much time is wasted worrying & stressing over money. I know we all need it, but how much can buy true happiness?

With my dad facing his 4th stage lung cancer battle & listening to my boss talk about her 44 year old niece battling liver cancer which started in her colon, it really had me looking at the things that occupy my thoughts, time & often battles w/ my spouse.

Money? Really?

Money can't by health, happiness, time, or memories.

Just something to think about...count your true blessings!


Dixie Mom said...

Somehow I missed this post yesterday. I'm sorry about your Dad. It's true, these things put our lives in perspective.

bravegrrl said...

sometimes i forget and let money stress me out... but then i remind myself that i can't let that get in the way of my mood and relationships... it can be hard though!

i am sorry to hear about your father..

stay positive :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lis. Certainly these experiences in life help us put things in perspective. Just wish they weren't so painful. :o( Tomorrow, Tuesday, would have been our John's 42nd birthday. I can't even imagine what he would look like? Dad put flowers on his grave for us today. I love my girl! Mommy

Leesa said...


When we see our loved ones suffering - it really puts 'life' in perspective... I've always believed that our health - is something priceless - and it doesn't matter how rich (materially) we are- it's our quality of life and how we are able to live it.

My thoughts go out to you and your family - esp. your dad- I know how hard that is for the family ... And for him, esp. My mom had told me once that it "sucked" having cancer and that she didn't want to die-- She was only 62 - WAYYYYY too young, in my opinion... I wish we didn't have this suffering in life... it's really hard and NOT fair at all..
I'm getting all teary now, but I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and also your boss (and her niece). I'm 44 right now, and cancer is something that I think of as a reality, esp. since my mom passed away from breast cancer.... I think that's maybe why I'm so into traveling- because I really how precious life and it's important to do what we love while we can still enjoy things!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Money is something that just buys things. I am not saying that it should be the least of your worries, but it will not ultimately make you happy. Good topic.