Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Living Proof & GQ.Com

This is a very cool 50's style short film, "Living Proof" shot for a magazine by Sebastian Mader, (assistant to Steven Klein). My son, Jullien Herrera (Red Models) was pretty excited to drive this cool car!

Click link below /then click "Motion: Living Proof"

Here's some recent magazine photo's:

GQ.COM (J. Sabatino S/S 2011)

"Fall Guys" Vincent Dilio (jullien on the right)

Blend Magazine-Jason Kim Photography
(jullien on the left)

jullien on the right-rebounding
(didn't think all the years of basketball would be put to good use in a photo shoot!)


Dixie Mom said...

What a cool video! And a fun job. I sometimes wonder what he thinks about the clothes he's wearing. Most of the time they are pretty fun but sometimes they are far out there. Are there some clothes that he thinks are just crazy?

Café Naïveté said...

Ohh!! Your son has your eyes!! He is so handsome too:)

Anonymous said...

This is so cool) ~

Anonymous said...

Way cool (ok some are a bit strange), but bet his favorite shoot was the basketball shot---sports again for our guy; at long last! Both mommy and son (you in your pretty black dress) are gorgeous! You make me proud!!! Love, Mommy

Teresa said...

I love that sweater in the first photo. The geometry and colors make it perfect for the fall!



great photos...your post is always interesting
amazing shooting...follow you follow me too

bravegrrl said...

you must be so proud!