Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fashion Police-I need HELP

Here's the thing...

I need your advice.

I'm going to an evening wedding this Saturday & have a vintage 50's style dress that I bought a while ago at one of my fav vintage stores for $10.00 & I absolutely LOVE it. It is so flattering, but I haven't had a chance to wear it yet.

The problem? It's black. I don't know if it's an old fashion faux pas or if it still applies to the weddings of today.

Should I wear it? Is it okay?

doesn't it just scream Marilyn Monroe or Jayne Mansfield?

...and the unexpected fuschia tulle

Please leave me your honest opinion!


Debbie said...

Lisa, wear the black dress! I can't believe you got it for $10; it's too cute.

I went to my niece's wedding over Labor Day weekend and wore a black dress. The bridesmaids were in black and white. I am also going to another wedding this Saturday and I'm wearing the same black dress. There will be different people at this wedding. :)

I'm sure you'll look great. Take photos girl.

Blessings and love,

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Yea, it’s perfect. I think, anything you wear Lisa is ok on you!

Mommy4Life said...

I think it looks great and would fit the event.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. this is the same trouble I had in August! Evening wedding and people around me saying that I can't wear black dress to the wedding... :S
Was pretty difficult. But I wore black evening dress that is somehow looks like yours (though yours is much more chic I must say).
And... I didn't get even one wrong eye sight. So I think you should wear this lovely dress! And later show us some pictures of course! :)

eliska.h said...

you should wear it! wear a non- black (e.g. white sheer) drape over your shoulders to soften it if you're worried?

bravegrrl said...

yes, i agree with everyone... i think you should wear it :) i definitely think that rule no longer applies... is it during the day or in the evening? i think in the evening you should have no problem at all... to the wedding i would probably wear some kind of shawl if it is during the day :)

i know you are going to look gorgeous, i can't wait to see photos!


verseastyle said...

So pretty and on you - what isnt? Wear it! I believe it to be AOWT (an old wives tale) to be bad and be black and with fuschia tulle.. really who can complain darling?

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

YES YES YES! Wear this dress! It's adorable and the pink tulle (sp) gives it a festive look. Plus, as long as you aren't wearing white to a wedding, I say wear what you want! Most wedding parties wear black now anyway! I hope we get to see pics!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wear it! The dress is not only appropriate, but darling! White is the only color you shouldn't wear to a wedding (that's the brides special color, of course!) Used to be that black was considered the only appropriate color for funerals. That doesn't apply anymore either. (If you remember, I wore a hot pink skirt to grandpa's funeral.) While I got a few strange looks and comments, I knew my dad would not want me to be "in mourning" (even though my heart was.) AND I wanted to give him something to smile about---he so knows me! Sooo Sweet Girl, you wear that Marilyn Monroe dress and go wow the crowds! I love you, Mommy ;o)

BenchesandChandeliers said...

you should wear it! it's a beautiful dress, and the pop of sheer on top and berry tone on the bottom make it event-appropriate.

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Leesa said...

WOW!! I just love it! I wish I could wear it!!!! I just love the pink lace (or whatever you call that) at the bottom! Lots of people are wearing black to weddings nowadays-- actually for quite a few years now..
When I was in Germany, we saw an Italian wedding at a big church and a ton of women were dressed in black- considered very chic here in Europe...
I say to wear it... or google -- black attire at weddings and see what it says..

Lucy said...

Love the dress and as someone said you would look good in anything,

lahti shirley said...

what are you waiting for ??? yes! you got rock on this dress girl! if you know what i mean :)

black it´s always black !

sorry,i have been very busy those last days...

hugs from Brazil and Sweden.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thank you ALL for your input...I'm taking your advice & wearing it!

I'll take pics to post too.


Bex said...

I know black is a no-no for a lot of cultures but I think the dress is lovely and as the wedding is in the evening it should be no problem. Thanks for visiting my blog, I love all your lovely comments!


Ylenia said...

I would never wear black at a wedding BUT this is evening wedding, so it is different!
go for it and add some pink accessorise (small and cute, not too flashy) so it matches with the ruffles.
It would work wonder on you bionda! :-)


Mariabei said...

What an absolutely gorgeous dress!! I love it :-)