Friday, September 17, 2010

Lately...My Stuff

I haven't been able to update as frequently as I would like to. With high school football in full swing and all of my action shots to edit & send out weekly to the team, AND this crazy pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck (which seems to get worse when I type), I've fallen a little short lately.

Just a quick update:

We had our team luncheon & Varsity game last night which are usually on Fridays & it made it really hard to go to work today. My mind kept saying, "Varsity Football game=SATURDAY tomorrow! Anyways we won by 6 pts (27-21)...and it went down to the wire, which didn't help my pinched nerve because I act like I'm the one out there playing, leaning, screaming, stressing, yeah I'm a little crazy when it comes to football!

At the luncheon the coach was talking about how mom's always tell their kids, "You played good honey," & dad's will pull them off to the side & tell them the truth. Well not in my house! My poor boys get the truth from me. Not in a mean way, but after they've cooled off a little, I'll say, "What happened? You missed that tackle. You need to keep your head up, watch their hips (that tells what direction they're going to run). Or if they missed a pass, "Honey, remember catch the ball before you run!" This is a problem that you'll see even pros do.

Today, my son Elijah has his JV game. He's a sophmore & one of only a few that actually gets to play in the Varsity games too on special teams.

Our school is a huge powerhouse football school!

So today my text message to him was, "FUMBLES, FUMBLES, sure to be hitting hard & cause fumbles like you always used to (he's a linebacker)! Oh yeah & CATCH the ball before you run (he plays wide receiver on offense-the guy who catches the passes for those of you non football fans)!"

I'll let ya know how it goes...wish him luck!


Café Naïveté said...

Ohh yes good luck! It's very nice that you support your kids with this enthusiasm.. very lovely:) It's good to have passions to share with parents, it's definitely something that keeps the relationship close.

is it american football? If so.. isn't it a little bit dangerous.. ahh I've seen many films about it.. they always get hurt so badly!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Yes Merilin, it's American Football. My 5 boys (my 3 & my 2 step-kids) have been playing since they were 5. It can be dangerous, but they have lots of protective gear & tons of training to help ward off injuries.

It's my FAVORITE sport! Funny cuz I grew up playing soccer (your football). I even played on the boys team in high school (only girl-started at mid-fielder), but I wished I could've played on our football (American) team! Such a tomboy!LOL!

Have a great weekend!

Stylelover said...

I must say that you are a adorable mom! I love to read about your kids and how much you care about your family. I been away from home for more than 1 year now... by myself in Europe and my mom tells everybody how much she miss me and always talks about me... moms are incredible!
And by they way it good that you tell your kids to give a bit more... because that's how they will give their best!