Friday, September 3, 2010

Trends at the Beach

As we head into the final days of summer, I thought I'd share a few beach trends that I saw this summer here in Orange County, California.

First I need to explain that fashion is very laid back here, so finding interesting, "non-cookie cutter" subjects was a bit difficult.

trendy/laid back/dressy beach fashion shots

the hair

quinceanera fashion

military style


father son hair trends

ultimate accessory????


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! Like the hairstyles:) ~

Café Naïveté said...

Wow! I like your photos... like some real paparazzi shoots!!:D I usually don't feel so free when it comes taking pictures of people.. how to over-come it? :)

PS! like the kid with a mullet:D


Annabel said...

wow i can't imagine if i saw that guy with the snake walking around! crazy..

Nuheila said...

Amazing photos!The snake it's so funny :D

Happy friday!


Dixie Mom said...

It's definitely more laid back there then I thought it would be. The snake....I could do without that accessory. ;)

Emilie said...

Nice pictures!!


lahti shirley said...

hahahahahahhahahah óoo my Gósh!!

you are just like a paparazzi ! hahahah i got say that i did not like some of those style,it just too much for me! hahahahhaha
waht a f***** ?
hahahhah :)

Kimmy said...

LMAO!! That is too funny! You know what would be even funnier? If anyone of those people read blogs and see theirselves on here...LMAO!!!