Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Colonoscopy or Not...TMI?

Okay, so this can probably be classified as a TMI post. But I think it's really important...especially after what happened to me last Wednesday.

We have a family history of colon cancer (maternal & paternal grandmothers). With a history, some recent bleeding episodes & the diagnosis of my bosses niece, 43 yrs. old (colon cancer spread to her lungs & now 4th stage liver cancer, without any symptoms other than a stomach ache), I scheduled a colonoscopy (see symptoms here). It is actually my 2nd one...had one when I was 38.

I was dreading the prep, the stuff you drink to "clean you out" makes me really nauseous. That's actually the worst part because they put you to sleep for the actual procedure. Luckily, I made it through without losing it this time (drank it a little slower than recommended).

I woke up to hear that they removed 4 polyps (3 small & 1 medium). I guess because I was kind of out of it, I started to cry a little, not normal for me, (I just didn't see that coming). The doctor came in & said two of the polyps were pre-cancerous. He was pretty happy about finding them because they were flat & hard to see. I was really stressed, but grateful I did it.

I got home, climbed in bed & turned on t.v. There was Dr. Oz talking about his colonoscopy...what are the odds? He had a pre-cancerous polyp removed too (about 20% of the people his age have them, which puts my odds even lower-lucky me!) He explained everything in detail & said how important it is for people to get checked.

Watch Procedure of Dr. OZ


I will receive my final results as to the exact type of cancer it was in 2 weeks.

I wanted to share this because I feel it's really important for EVERYONE to get checked (recomended age: 50 yrs. old w/o family history...40 yrs. old w/ family history).

It's not the most pleasant thing...but my life was just saved!


Café Naïveté said...

Ohh... Thank God!! I hope you feel better now.. these things are not easy to handle emotinally too.. not to talk about physical efects. Keep up the positive thinking!! :)And sending you some sun from Rome,

Anonymous said...

:( This is awful what happened, but really how great is that you are could handle it! I hope you are better now. Keep it that way.
With the best wishes ~

Lucy said...

You absolutely did the right thing. My son in law had no symptoms at all, but my daughter just kept telling him he needed to have one. The last thing they expected was their was colon cancer and it had spread to one lymph node. He had surgery, went with Chemo, missed few days work and as of now he is cancer free, but must be watched carefully and will be having colonoscopy next month. and if that is clear another in 6 months and gradually will lengthen it to yearly.HE HAD NO SYMPTOMS, so you must be vigilante. I am so happy you went for it. I think to save your life you will be able to handle that horrible stuff they give you to drink. You have a whole life ahead of you, my blogger friend. Lucy

Debbie said...

I had a colonoscopy when I turned 50 and plan to have another when I reach 60. Oh my, did I actually write that? I hate the prep but otherwise it was uneventful for me.

Lisa, I'm so glad you had another one performed and that they were pre-cancerous and not cancer. I will pray that you have a great prognosis. I heard that Dr. Oz discussed that on his show but didn't see it myself.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you followed your promptings Lis. It undoubtedly saved your life. You so much to offer this world---you are too young and special to leave it! Keep taking good care of yourself; for all of us! Hugs & Love, Mommy

Brenty said...

Glad to hear your got through this situation. Thanks for sharing that information. Nice blog, I am now following it and looking forward to your fashion updates ;-)


Joe said...

Lisa, I found your blog from your post on the colored garden blog and saw your post about the colonoscopy. I just had my first one last month and I know what you mean about the prep being the worst. But it is well worth it. I was lucky and didn't have any polyps. I wish you the best and thanks for this post.