Sunday, October 10, 2010

So Girls Wrestle Too?

This weekend my step son Adam had his very first wrestling match. To my surprise there were several girl wrestlers. I was kind of shocked & wondered, "Why would a girl wrestle? I'm mean, it's a "hands on" sport." I don't think I'd want my daughter to, but there was this girl on my sons team who was really cute, had a nose ring, wore make up & was all suited up & ready to go.


She kicked butt! She did this move where she grabbed them, tripped them & then landed on top of them & pinned em'. She RULED...I think she only lost one match. Imagine how embarrassed the boy she pinned felt.LOL!

the take down move

I HAD to take pics of her for you guys!

a shocked boy

the pin

Now on to Adam...

He's only practiced for about two weeks, but he did really well & took second place. He looked like he was "backyard" wrestling with his brothers because he hasn't learned very many technical moves yet, but he's naturally athletic & only lost 1 time. He kept saying, "I hope I don't have to wrestle a girl!" And was really happy that he didn't.

I kept teasing him & told people, "He only lost once, to a girl!" He said, "I DID NOT! I never wrestled a girl!" Then we all started cracking up, "It's okay Adam, you can just admit it!"

Adam in yellow

nice move...the kids a pretzel

the winner!

proud parents!

If you had a daughter, would you let her wrestle?



i dont know why but i wanted to wrestle in High School, but my school wouldnt let girls join. that being said, if i had girl and she really wanted to wrestle, i say why not
p.s. i love the photos thanks for shareing

Dixie Mom said...

I have 3 girls and I won't let them wrestle.

Let me say, that my husband wrestled in high school and was the state champion 4 times and then wrestled through college.

My girls have even been managers for wrestling teams. One girl...for 4 years, lettering 2 of those years...with a state champion wrestling team and sports illustrated coach of the year. She has learned more office skills then any college grad I know. She ran spread sheets, budgets, money, events, fundraising, stats, equipment and gear, transportation, name it.

But I would never let them wrestle, even though it has been a family sport.

When my husband was in high school, he had to wrestle a girl once. He was pretty nervous. Like, where do you put your hands? He decided rather then to forfeit, which most of the other boys did, he would wrestle her and get it over with. He took her down in 2 seconds and it was over. He felt like others thought he was horrible for not letting a girl win and yet, that is what he was there to win.

I don't think a boy will truly wrestle a girl. I think it intimidates them. I don't think it's fair to them. You should ask a boy sometime, all the things that are going through their mind when they are about to wrestle a girl. It's very distracting. I think if girls want to wrestle, they should establish girls wrestling teams. I would bet the boys you saw go down under that girl...they let her win. I'm just saying. It is an awkward, embarrassing situation for those kids.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my thoughts.
I love wrestling....have fun watching your boy!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, way to go Adam! It really is hard losing to a girl---maybe next time Big Guy. But, I am soooo excited you took second. You made your grandma proud! ;o) And no Wheez, I wouldn't mind my girls wrestling---but only other girls. Just way too weird! Not only where do the guys grab, but do the girls grab the guys "package?" (You know, anything to win--hee). Just think some sports should not be co-ed, no matter what the ACLU, Women's Rights advocates, etc. say! And it's NOT because I'm a grandma either!!! I just know what's up! :o) Love you! Mommy

bravegrrl said...

i would totally let her wrestle if she wanted to!

congrats on your son, sounds like he did well!

and that grrl rocks! i love it when people break down barriers!

bravegrrl said...

ps i LOVED the other boleyn girl!!! i'm totally gonna rent the movie you recommended!

StacyB said...

Hmmmm...let me think. Done thinking ~ I'd let my daughter wrestle like I would let my son do ballet! NOT!!!
However, I'm not against a girl kicking the crap out of a guy. :)

Anonymous said...

.. wow! That girl kicked butt! :] Lots of energy and courage needed to pinned a boy but she did. I guess that's how some girls there build up their confidence. With confidence and faith within self, we can do almost anything. :] Thanks for sharing, Lisa. <3

Mariabei said...

Very interesting post!
I thinks it's ok if girls wrestle. They should do what makes them happy...
Love the photos
A great big hug!

KcomeKarolina said...

hmm...i wouldn't...i guess

i just bumped into your blog! i love it!

xoxo from rome

DUTA said...

Your stepson Adam looks both cute and brave.
Everything boys can do,girls can do even better, including wrestling - and yet I don't like the idea of girls wrestling. It doesn't go well with the image of delcate, gracious, feminine figure usually associated with the female sex.

Stylelover said...

great pictures...
Second place just practicing 2 weeks?! He is good indeed! You look amazing as usuall, that dress looks great on you.
And as for my daughter wrestling, it's complicated. I would let her do whatever she likes to do but I will sufer a lot because i don't think it's a nice sport for girls and I would be afraid of her getting hurt.
My english is really bad, I hope you get the idea anyways! ;)

Debbie said...

I really enjoyed your post. I am afriad my comment would be WAY too long if I said everything I have to say about this, haha so I'll try and keep it as short as I can...My husband wrestled all through high school and at the University of Nebraska for 4 years as well. He went there to play football but also wrestled. To say he loved it would be putting it midly, haha. We have 3 sons and finally had our only daughter a few years behind them. They are all grown now. I don't think you'd ever find a more sports oriented family. All of my kids (daughter included) played every sport there is. My oldest son is a 5th degree black belt and owns his own karate studio. My daughter played on a travel softball team for years and played volleyball as well. Having said all that you can see how much I think of sports and how much involvement we have had over the years. To answer your question would I have let my daughter wrestle? It would be a big strong...NO WAY!! Not unless she was in a totally girl league. Especially this sport where it is a hands on thing and strength does play it's role. They have boy/girl soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball/softball, etc. sports so why combine this one? None of my sons karate tournaments and sparring matches ever match boy against girl either. I personally don't think it is fair to the boy. He is never sure where to put his hands. Is terrified he will have to suffer the humiliation of being defeated by a girl. Or worse yet considered a bully for being rough or taking her down too quick, etc. I am actually surprised they have this going.

I am glad you stumbled across my blog as now I have found yours too. Visit anytime. = )



Anonymous said...

My niece is athletic but in many ways a real girly girl. She's in middle school and one of her teachers also coaches wrestling and challenged her to try out. She's been doing great - wins many of her matches by pin, but usually has to battle back from being behind on points. She hangs in dthere 'til the boy starts to run out of gas. Once they begin to weaken, she's able to roll them onto their backs and get a pin