Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work Out!

I haven't really worked out in like 2 years. Summer is approaching and I don't want to spend this summer like last year...afraid to go in public in a bathing suit. This is not a good thing when you live by the beach and pretty much every weekend is spent at a beach party/Bon fire. Not to mention my family likes me to take pictures of them surfing.

I told you about our office move last Thursday and Friday, well, one of my good friends, Tierna also moved yesterday and needed my help. I grabbed Elijah and Adam and spent all day Saturday lifting more heavy boxes. I was DEAD when I got home. Three days of moving in a row with this worn out, flabby body, is not a good combo. I woke up aching all over today. But there is a positive to all kicked me in the butt to start working out.

I figured I'm half way there, the hardest part of working out is the soreness. So because I'm already sore, I decided to just DO IT! I woke up and went on a run/walk with my dog. Now I can add shin splints to my list of aches and pains. But hey, I'm on my way!


The Blonde Duck said...

Where did you find those pictures?!?!?!

Laura Kay said...

keep going! it gets easier. the hardest part for me is getting out the door!

Kristen said...

I so feel like the before photo.