Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol Recap

Last night on American Idol we got to see the group of 13 finalists perform. They each had to perform a Michael Jackson song. Let's make it almost impossible for anyone to sound good! Who can sing Michael's songs without looking like a group of kids out on the town at a Karoake bar? I'll give you a little recap/prediction:

Lil Rounds: "The Way You Make Me Feel"-She is a definite powerhouse/star...but this was probably my least favorite performance. She hit the notes, but just didn't give me chills.
Prediction: She will definitely stay

Scott McIntyre: "Keep The Faith"- The vocals were not very strong and I thought it was boring. He seemed to give better performances when he was able to choose whatever song he wanted. He is a definite crowd favorite though.
Prediction: He will most likely stay this week.

Danny Gokey: "PYT" Danny is consistent in all of his performances, with last night being no exception. Danny is one of my favorites. Of course I was a little worried about him trying to do a M.J. song...but WOW!
Prediciton: He will definitely stay

Michael Sarver (Oil Rigger): "You Are Not." I thought when they put him through to the finals, it was a sympathy thing. I think he's a nice guy and I hope he gets a record deal out of it...but I didn't think he was very good. When he started singing...I thought, "Oh No!" But I have to admit I actually liked it. His voice is better than I remembered.
Prediction: May go home...but I think he deserves to stay another week based on his performance.

Jasmine Murray: "I'll Be There." When they decided to put her through to the finals I was mad. I never thought she sounded very good in previous performances.
However, this was her best performance yet.
Prediction: She may go home.

Chris Allen: "Remember The Time." I didn't remember Chris at all. I didn't like his performance very well. I didn't like that song with the guitar. He sings okay, but I just never remember him. All the judges liked him.
Prediction: He will probably get stay.

Allison Iraheta: "Give Him To Him." I think her voice is amazing. I didn't like the "rocker" spin on the song and thought this was her weakest performance.
Prediction: She will stay.

Anoop "Dog" Desan: "Beat It." I was glad when they brought him back, but I hated this performance. It was worse than the Bobby Brown song.
Prediction: He will DEFINITELY go home.

Jorge Nunez: "Never Can Say Goodbye." Last week I loved his performance...this week...I still loved his performance. He is a great singer, you could even hear his accent a little more. He's so good, he could be a member of "Il Divo."
Prediction: He will stay.

Meghan Joy Corkery: "Rockin Robin" I was so glad they brought Meghan back, she is gorgeous, different, quirky, and awkward when she performs. Ryan called her dance "the Corkery." She has that special "Something." Her voice is very unique.
Predicttion: I hope she stays!

Adam Lambert: "Black or White." This guy is untouchable. His voice completely blows everyone else away. He should win the whole show...but it seems like it switches each year and since last year was a boy, it might be a girls turn.
Prediction: Will be staying!

Matt Giraud (aka Justin Timberlake): "Human Nature." I like Matt but I thought the vocals. In the past he seemed to grab your attention. Tonight he was a little flat. The judges liked him though.
Prediction: He should stay.

Alexis Grace: "Dirty Diana." She has a gret voice, style and did a great job. She can belt out the huge notes.
Prediction: She will stay.

Now for my favorites...Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert, Meghan Joy Corkery, Jorge Nunez, and Lil Rounds, in that order.

We'll see how good my predictions are later tonight.

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