Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Out

Today we moved our office from the big luxury suite with a putting green inside the boss's office to the downstairs cramped, small office. We are in the Commercial Real Estate Development other words, the "down size" immediately business. We have really slowed down so it's time to cut back on the luxuries. Thank goodness my position isn't considered a luxury yet.

My boss's hired some people to come and help us out, but of course me and Marsha both were hauling big boxes up and down the stairs too. I'm sooo out of shape right now, and my neck/shoulders always hurt (yes, I know I'm old!). But I couldn't believe how quick the soreness set in. At about 1:45 I went on a lunch run to Subway. I turn my head to back out of the parking spot...immediate pain, I could hardly turn my neck. Then driving along, I go to make a lane change, same thing...OUCH!

Can you imagine how bad I'm going to feel tomorrow if I'm already sore? Maybe this will kick me in the butt to start working out (hahaha). At least I can still make jokes.


Tj and Amy said...

weird that you guys hired someone and you guys had to do all the heavy lifting. that doesn't sound right!! sounds like you should be icing and doing some heating pads tonight. oh and i love icey hot too!

Lisa Petrarca said...

We didn't do the HEAVIEST lifting...but we still were taking boxes, lifting, moving around the new office.

They didn't hire a moving crew, just some random guys. We could've waited and directed, but it would've taken ALL we were stupid and did too much ourselves. I'm going to ice...we'll see if it helps.