Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Joshy Turns 24 Today!

I called my oldest son, Josh this morning to sing Happy Birthday to him. After I finished the song it hit son is TWENTY-FOUR! When I was 21 I gave birth to the biggest baby, with a full head of dark, curly, black hair. He weighed almost 9 lbs. and didn't exactly look like a newborn...he looked like a little man. The family all showed up to see my little bundle of joy. While peering through the glass window at the hospital, he lifted his head up to look around...he was a strong, curious boy.

Once I was able to take him home, he was very vocal and had colic. I walked the floor with him for hours upon hours trying to keep him happy. He definitely had a set of lungs on him. I thought, "Uh oh, I think he's going to be a loud mouth like his mommy." He definitely grew out of that phase. Now it's hard to get him to talk~lol!

One of Joshy's favorite toys had a string attached that you pulled and it would land on an animal and make the sound of that particular animal. I was always so proud of my little man and everywhere we went I'd have him "show off," asking, "Joshy, what does the sheep say?" His big brown eyes would get bigger as he'd take air into his chubby cheeks and say, "Baa Baa Baa." We'd all clap for him as he'd beam with excitement. Then it was on to the next animal. 

He was quite the little artist too. While his grandparents were watching him, he snuck upstairs, grabbed some crayons and began drawing a wall mural with huge circles over the areas that he could reach. As they headed upstairs to find him...they saw him drawing, he'd slowly step back to admire his creation before coloring more. He was very proud of himself and his grandparents had a hard time getting mad at him because he was so pleased with his drawing.

Josh started playing soccer and baseball at the age of 5. He was faster, stronger and more co-ordinated than all the other kids...

This continued all the way up through high school. He was naturally gifted and talented in all he did. He never let it go to his head though and always remained quiet and humble about his extraordinary abilities. One day during his freshman football practice, one of his best friends Dom asked Josh to let him beat him just once in a race (Josh was always lengths in front of the other one ever came close to him.) Well Joshy, being the nice, humble kid that he is didn't even think twice about it, wanting his friend to feel good. As the coach blew the whistle for sprints, Josh slowed up and let Dom win. He didn't think anything of it until one of the coaches started to yell at him, "Don't you EVER hold back again and let anyone win or beat you, friend or you hear me?!" That was the first and last time he ever purposely let someone win. Josh didn't like to get yelled at. At his freshman football banquet Josh won MVP and they dedicated a section of the highlight video to him titled, "Number 9 and the O Line." Needless to say, it's been a classic in this household as all the younger brothers watched it over and over again, so proud of their big brother. As a matter of fact...I think Adam was bragging and looking for it to show his friends at the last family get together.

Josh continued to excel in track and still holds a record at Edison for the fastest 400M for a Frosh/Soph. He made it to the State CIF Finals as a sophomore on the 4x400M relay team.
Josh making his move to pull ahead of Compton

State Qualifying 4x400M Relay Team

Josh continues to excel and overcome anything that is thrown in front of him. He is currently assisting the hairstylist who works on the set of  "True Blood." He recently went on set at Nickelodeon Studios to train under the stylists and eventually hopes to open his own shop. I know he will achieve his dreams because he wont stop until he does...not to mention, he gives the best dang haircuts around! SERIOUSLY!!
Joshy and little brother Jullien
Joshy & His Girlfriend Charmaine w/Little Brother Elijah

I'm so proud of my son and I'm grateful that Heavenly Father blessed my life with him. So on his special day, I want to say...I LOVE YOU JOSHY! HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY SON!!


DUTA said...

What a lovely post in honor of your son's 24th birthday!

It shows no less about you, the loving, proud mother, than it shows about Josh, the child, teenager, young men who excels in everything.

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Kimmy said...

Awwww....Happy Birthday to your son!! He celebrates his a day after mine :o)

Sera Yun. said...

you have such wonderful kids! I think they grew up wonderful all thanks to your great nurturing! You're such a great mother. Be proud of yourself :)

And Happy Birthday to Josh yea

Josiel Dias said...

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God bless You

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Anonymous said...

It's so great to be able to hear (and recall) so many wonderful memories of our Joshy. Time goes too fast; wish we all lived by each other to share more fun and memorable times....I love you all! Mommy