Thursday, January 31, 2013

Powering Through It

First of all...thank you all for your comments and suggestions regarding my back issue! I decided my first course of action is going to be powering through it. I'm beginning a SLOW stretching routine every morning and night, followed by walking the dog with my husband again nightly. I've got to tell ya, some days are better than others and our walks may be a little slower than my hubby or dog would like...but I'm not going to let this back thing keep me down!

I also decided if it doesn't get better soon with the things I'm doing, I'm going to try the acupuncturist that cured my sons 3rd degree ankle sprain (a complete tear of the ligaments) in two days! Seriously...TWO DAYS of treatment! It was crazy, he was even able to play in the State Semi-Final football game without re-injuring it. He obviously wasn't able to run as fast and play both ways, but he played and made some key tackles. It was truly my first experience with going to one after a suggestion from a friend who's son plays linebacker for UCLA. This was after the Orthopedic Doctor told him it will take months of healing and rehabilitation and he absolutely wouldn't be able to play in that HUGE game...he wasn't even able to put weight on it!!
Pic on left taken at Orthopedic Dr's visit~Pic on right after Acupuncture & cupping (notice the marks)

Pic on left- Dec 5th leaving the Dr's office~Pic on right was game day~Dec 8th, 2012 (my Birthday;D)

So I figure, if it can work for a torn ligament, it should do wonders for scar tissue right?! Well it definitely can't make it if I go that route I'll let you know how it goes.

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