Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11 12 Years Ago Today

Every year as 9/11 rolls around, we all reflect back on that terrible, fateful day. We can remember where we were, what we were doing and feeling the horror of those devastating moments all over again. But this year, I have a whole new perspective. You see in April, I visited the actual sight for the first time. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go at first. It was my very first trip to New York and after taking in the excitement of a city so alive and full of energy, I struggled to decide if I wanted to visit those very real emotions of sadness at the loss of so many lives at the hands of such evil.

After wrestling for a while, I decided to go. As I rounded the corner, the first thing that struck me was the close proximity of the fire station to the actual sight.

I couldn't believe it was directly across a small street. It is no wonder that those brave men and women rushed onto the scene, it was their neighborhood, with thousands of people they may have crossed paths with on a daily basis.
We stood in front of the fire station as I snapped some photo's. There was a heavy police presence keeping people off the streets surrounding the sight where the new tower was being built. A girl stepped off the curb onto the street to snap a better shot of the fire station when she was immediately surrounded by police telling her to get back on the sidewalk. Startled and embarrassed she quickly moved back into the crowd. I found it amazing that with the amount of people surrounding the fire station and the memorial wall...there was a very respectful silence. I stood looking at the pictures, reading about the heroes and trying to hold back the tears as the emotions overwhelmed me. Knowing that on 9/11/01, 12 years ago, it began as just another day for those firefighters, everyone in the twin towers and the surrounding areas.

My family and I stood staring in silence, words were not needed, we were all feeling the same thing. I took a moment to silently pray for all the family members of those lost, knowing that a piece of their heart was taken that day.

So today, as I remember my visit to ground zero, I also want to reflect on how we all came together as a country, complete strangers, caring, sharing and lifting one another up in unconditional love in their time of need. What an incredible reminder of the resiliency of people when they are surrounded by love.


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Hi stranger :) LOL Actually I have been the stranger!!! Going to try to get back into this again!!! Hope all is well!! Love the pictures (as usual)!