Saturday, March 22, 2014

First Trip To Disneyland!

We've had lots of fun trips and adventures since my last post. We were able to take our foster son "little J" (in the blue) for his first trip ever to Disneyland. I received (6) Disneyland park hopper passes as a payment for a photo shoot I recently did. I was soooo's been YEARS since I've been. I had a plan. I was going to stay until closing and hit every single one of my fav rides. I warned everyone who was going with us so there would be no surprises. 

Beautiful way to start our day.
My oldest son Josh and his girlfriend Charmaine decided to take their car so they could leave early. 
Charmaine & Josh on one of our fav rides, "The Pirate's of Caribbean." 
Disneyland brings out the kid in all of us!;D 
Another friend who brought her son along (little J's friend) had her daughter pick them up after several hours. My hubby wanted to leave before closing but I said, "NO WAY!" I told you I have to hit all my rides, ending with my childhood fav, Peter Pan (I was a little disappointed…they used to have Tinker Bell flying around with you;) But it definitely made me feel like a kid again.
I told my hubby I needed a pic right here! Best picture background ever!LOL!
I never get very much time with my oldest son, Josh. I'm a happy mama!
Little J was leery of some of the fast rides. On the log ride-Splash Mountain, I had to laugh at this pic...He did it but couldn't bare to look at the steep drop.
I waited until the parade and the fireworks were happening to run to the Matterhorn bobsled ride…NO LINE…we walked right up to the front. Little J was asking, "This isn't super fast is it?" "No, just super fun," I said. As we rode through the mountain faster and faster…he said over and over, "Lisa…this is fast! Lisa…this is fast!" My reply, "No…it's FUN!" We timed it perfectly, the fireworks were going off just as we were coming in and out of the mountain. SO AWESOME! But little J had his eyes closed so he didn't get to see it. He admitted that it was fun…but fast! LOL!

I have to say that even with the ridiculous crowds and lines…
there's something definitely magical about Disneyland…it brings out the kid in everyone.

Here's some Disneyland shots I took in case you haven't been in a while or ever?;D Enjoy the little trip…
I thought this was an interesting line waiting site.

Pirate's of Caribbean Ride…heading into the Pirate Face fog

Hubby exploring the Robinson Crusoe Treehouse

View from the top of the Treehouse

View in "The Cars" ride line. We never got on the ride-it kept breaking down:(

Little J making music

My hubby yelling in the old fashioned megaphone. It was loud & clear "HELLO" across Disneyland!


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Lucy said...

It has been a long time and you actually added one to your family. Great pictures. You tell your foster child, I don't like heights either and despise riding in the mountains. Can't look at the scenery because I see how steep a drop off is and hide mt eyes again.I am 84 now so I have old age aches and pains and at this time my heart is back in a-fib after having it back in for going on 2 years. It beats so fast and is not very comfortable, The cardiologist says even if they could get the beat regulated it would not stay. Upper chambers beat one way and lower ones beat another,instead of coinciding like it should. How is your mom?