Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day to Both of My Dad's

I was lucky enough to grow up having two dad' dad and my step-dad.

Although the years were not long enough with my step-dad, I'm grateful for his unconditional love. When he married my mom he became an instant father of 3. He was patient, kind, supportive, caring and strict (as most policeman are with their daughters.) I was taught the valuable lesson of chores, being independent, and consequences for my actions. (I was difficult...very mouthy and stubborn.) One of the most special days of my life came a few years before his passing. He told me how proud he was of me for the mother I was and the person I'd become. To hear those words from a man I admired and respected meant the world to me! 

My dad lives in Reno, NV. and every summer we'd fly out to visit him for a month. My dad's an outdoorsman through and through. So needless to say, I learned to love the outdoors...hiking, camping, sleeping on a cot under the stars, baiting my own fishing line and cleaning fish. I even learned how to dig my own holes when I had to go to the bathroom, (Oh Joy!) LOL! Yes I can rough it with the best of them. As I look back over the years...I realize that it was important bonding time. The nights sitting around the fire pit with my dad, listening to spooky stories over the radio, telling jokes, playing dice games, scaring whoever's turn it was to walk down the hill & turn off the generator and walk back up in the pitch dark. Then as summer would end, my dad, (the tell it like it is, rough exterior of a man) had to say goodbye. As he hugged us, a crack in his armor would start to roll down his cheek. Tears of love. Tears of a dad who had a difficult time sending his kids away until next year. 
I'm so blessed to have been instilled with the traits of both of these amazing men. 

Happy Father's Day Dad! I love you!

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Lucy said...

Lovely story about your father's. I hope you had a good fourth of July. Ours was and always is nerve wracking because of alcoholic neighbors. We have had to contend with them for to long. About 25 years. Mom and dad are gone and both were alcoholics and now the 2 sons that live by us are even worse. You can't trust them so we stay home and hope our house doesn't burn down.