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After my near drowning on Saturday, and the passing of Newport Beach, CA. Lifeguard/Hero- Ben Carlson while saving a man's life; I realized how incredibly dangerous large swells can be even for the most experienced. I decided to head to "The Wedge" on Monday to take a few shots. The waves continued to swell to unbelievable heights. To my surprise there were several people actually charging out into the water, speedo's on (which isn't commonly seen in Orange County, CA., but I overheard them saying that trunks always fall off) and fins in hand, excited to ride these monsters.
Can you say, "CRAZY!"
Seriously, there were bodysurfers as young as 12-13 chasing these incredible waves. They were obviously very experienced even at their young age, along with "The Wedge Crew" (a group of seasoned bodysurfing veterans.)
In between the click of my lens, I found myself praying for them, setting my camera aside to scour the white wash waiting for them to pop up from the humongous waves that had just crashed over them. My anxiety level was definitely heightened as I recalled being tumbled, thrown and disoriented under water; losing perception of up or down under waves half that size.
The crowds excitement and adrenaline kicked in as each giant grew to enormous height...taller and taller. They would gasp and stare in awestruck wonder. Even captivating these three active young boys attention.
It was definitely something to behold in person. The lifeguards coned off the area to make sure that inexperienced people didn't get too close and risk getting swept out to sea. They stood along the shoreline, ready and waiting to risk their lives for someone in need. I'm sure it was a difficult day for them while still mourning the loss of their fallen brother. 
Until you see these waves in person you can't begin to understand the volume of a lifeguard's job.
I was lucky enough to get there before the huge crowds arrived and found a perfect front row spot. 
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DUTA said...

Superb photos of incredibly dramatic waves!!
People should not challenge Fate by going into dangerous waters.

(Many thanks and much appreciation for your visit and warm comment on my last post).

Chione Hardy said...

Wow cool post!! If you get the chance please check my blog out as I'm just starting up and would appreciate your feedback :) My first few posts pay interest you as they are of Greece and Brazil!