Saturday, May 24, 2008

Do I Have A Sickness?

Last night my husband and I had just returned from walking our dog, when he saw a mouse run across our backyard. Our dog Allie immediately ran outside after it. Before I go any further I need to tell you that my husband has turned our tiny yard/patio into a tropical paradise, all this including a small waterfall.

Allie was going CRAZY trying to sniff out the hiding mouse, as I watched from safely behind our sliding door, laughing at the way she, jumped, pounced, and recoiled as the mouse came towards her. My husband, on the other hand was LIVID, shouting, "SHE'S IN MY PLANTS, STOMPING ON THEM AND KILLING THEM! LOOK NOW SHE'S IN THE WATERFALL DIGGING IT UP AND RUINING IT!!" I couldn't stop laughing and said, "Oh relax, it's just plants, she's not going to hurt them...and you can put the stones back around the waterfall." You can imagine how well that went over! I couldn't stop though, I thought it was funny and he was just being ridiculous. My laughter was the start of a fight of course.

I woke up the next morning to see that Allie had crept outside in the middle of the night to continue her mouse hunt. The liner to the waterfall was completely ripped to shreds, plant leaves were strewn everywhere, rocks were scattered outside the planter, and the wood that surrounded my husbands beautiful creation, was smashing the plants that had not been ripped to shreds during her hunting furry.

Horror...regret....and remorse, were my first feelings as I stood there speechless. My words came back to bite me in the butt!! I went to pick up the broken plants, wanting to hide the evidence from my husband. I'm not very good at saying I'm wrong, but she did everything he said she would, while I stood there laughing and telling him to lighten up and not be so crazy about his yard.

This story leads me to the question, do I have a sickness? Not only did I find that incident funny, I also can't stop laughing if someone falls, trips or gets scared (I love scaring people too!). I just picture how they look when they fall, trip or freeze in a ridiculous position.

One of my most shameful moments came during a sledding trip one winter. While waiting for my kids to slide down the mountain, a girl (on an inner tube) hit a ramp and was launched so high into the air, she looked like a rag doll, flopping around. I was laughing so hard...but when she landed, she didn't move. They had to air lift her off of the mountain, I felt TERRIBLE! I THINK IT MUST BE A SICKNESS!

Does anyone else suffer from what I like to refer to as, "The Laughing Sickness?"

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April said...

Um, yeah, I think you inherited that from your mom! But I have to admit, I do that too! Sad!