Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Did It!

I'm so proud of myself...I set a goal to clean all day Saturday so I wouldn't be a raving B***** by Thursday for the graduation, and I actually did it. I had Adam and Elijah help, they scrubbed the walls (I thought that might teach them to not drag their dirty hands across the walls & help me at the same.) I scrubbed the fridge...found lots of old treats tucked away far in the back, growing some fuzz (my family is not to big on leftovers)...cleaned floor boards, my room and the bathroom. All the deep cleaning that I put off week after week. I still have more things to do, but I feel happy that I wont be trying to do all of it on the day of graduation.

Last night after I finished cleaning, the little guys (yes I'm referring to my 15 & 14 year olds), brought two girls home with them from the beach (one goes to high school with Adam). I assumed that one was for Adam (15) year old, he loves the ladies and is always on the hunt for a new one. I thought Elijah was just entertaining the friend so Adam could get to know his "little friend" better. They went to the pool and then came back to watch a movie. I kept going into the kitchen to "get things" and check on everyone...the hormones are raging at that age and I needed to keep an eye on the whole situation, LOL.

Today I found out that Elijah liked the girl that goes to Adam's high school and Adam liked the friend. So here's the thing, Elijah's in 8th grade and I'm not to sure about the older woman thing! I know I NEVER would've liked someone younger than me, most girls go for the older guys.

Why do they have to grow up?

Oh guess what, I sold my very first item on EBay. I had the kids clean out their closet and I listed two pairs of shorts...the Quicksilver shorts sold for 3.99. I was so excited...until I noticed the snaps on one of the pockets was broken. So I panicked and thought, " very first item and if I send it out like this I will get a bad rating and no one will buy from me in the future. So I jumped in my car, ran to a few cleaners until one of them said they could fix it. Now I pick them up on Monday to mail out...and it will cost me about $5.00!!! So I'm going to be paying someone to give them some shorts!LOL! Only in my world (I'm quite the entrepreneur don't ya think?) Give me a call if you need some help losing money!!hahahaha! I definitely learned a lesson, and I will be checking and re-checking everything before I list it. I always have to learn lessons the hard way. Well enough of my ramblings, I'm going to actually try to go to bed early for a change!


KC Mom said...

Usually when I have to do that kind of deep cleaning...I move! We've moved so often that I once told someone that I've never cleaned behind a fridge or stove.
Selling on ebay can be frustrating...lots of little details. But when it works's awesome.

~Trish~ said...

Oh just wait...the middle school here is 6th-8th grades. Kyler will be in 8th this next year but the previous two was the older girls that liked all the younger boys! It was crazy!!

April said...

Good for you for getting the cleaning done! And about the ebay thing, you either have to include shipping in the price (I'd usually add an extra $5 for that stuff), or you can list the shipping price separately...then you won't lose money next time!

Lisa Petrarca said...

I listed the shipping for $6.00. But the bill to fix it was more than the 3.99 he actually paid so even with the shipping I think I lost money.