Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wouldn't Ya Know It!

Today was my first day back to work after my "isolation" last week with my son in the hospital. My neck was KILLING me all day...don't worry it's not meningitis, it's something much worse......OLD AGE! Sleeping on those hospital chair/foldout beds has my neck so messed up.

Driving home from work I remembered that my wonderful husband gave me a gift certificate to my favorite massage therapy place. I was thinking about it the whole way home from work as I kept reaching back to massage the huge lumps lining my vertebrae trying to ease my throbbing headache.

I picked up Elijah from school, drove a little too fast trying to get home to change and head over to get some relief. Elijah chatted away (he's actually excited to be back at school after his hospital stay). In the hospital one day he told me, "Mom, I'm tired of "OLD PEOPLE" conversation, I need to talk to my friends." "What are you talking about...I'm a young, cool mom!" I quickly shot back a little hurt that he thinks I'm old AND boring! "Well sorry but you are old now and we've spent to much time together this week," he replied with a smirk trying to make it seem like a joke. "Whatever Lije, you should be happy your not staying here all alone, and I know I'm a fun mom so you can't fool me!" He is a smart boy and left it at that.

Now where was I? Did I mention that I only got four hours of sleep last night? I'm out of my calcium magnesium, which is a natural cure to help you sleep, along with my neck pain. Okay sorry, I'm all over the place today!

So I get home check my e-mails change into my comfortable clothes, jump in the car and head over already visualizing how I will fall asleep during the massage and kill two birds with one stone. I go inside and see two ladies in front of me, "Sorry we are running a little behind can you come back at five?" says the man behind the counter. I'm a little worried...I don't have an appt. and for some reason they seem to be really busy. I ask him if he has any openings. "No, not today, we started running specials, 1 hr. massage for $20.00 on Tuesdays if you bring a friend. We have been really booked up." I YIGH YIGH...wouldn't ya know it!


April said...

That stinks that you didn't get a massage, and that Lijey said that! He just needs to look around at all of the other moms out there and realize that you ARE one young, cool, hot mama! Darn kids! That reminds me, when I put Brayden in time out the other day, he got mad and yelled at me saying "You old lady!" What the crap?!! I think I felt just like you did! Sad!!!

Tj and Amy said...

bummer hopefully next tue. make an apptment early! sounds like you need one.

~Trish~ said...

Wow $20 for an hour massage!! Thats cheap! I'll be there by next Tuesday and we can go ok?? hehehe

KC Mom said...

You so deserve a massage. I'm so glad your son is feeling better. Maybe you ought to get a pedi too!