Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Win For Edison High School

We are on a roll! Last week the freshmen team for Edison H.S. won a hard battle against Esperanza 16-14. Elijah scored both of the touchdowns...which was very cool because it was his first this season. I told him, "You waited till it really counted!" That was our first official league game.



Juking & Out Running to the End Zone
He is having such an awesome season. He's spent his whole life on that field watching his older brothers play. It's so nice to see him finally out there showing HIS stuff! He also plays outside linebacker and is doing incredible on defense too. I'm so proud of him!

We just got back from their second league game against Newport Harbor H.S. We killed them 56-22. We put our second string in when it was 50-8. We had a complete team win...everyone played well. Elijah got another TD and caught several passes and had a great punt return juking about five guys.

I'll post some pics after I upload them. I LOVE Football season!!

SIDE NOTE: Our Varsity team is ranked #1 in CA and one report has us at 4th in the Nation...GO EDISON!!

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can't wait to see the pics when you upload them! x