Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Do you ever have those weekends that are so busy, you feel like you never even had one? That's how mine was...so now it's only Tuesday and I'm wiped out!

It felt like a Monday. My boss had a huge project that I had to complete today (which I normally love because I like a challenge and when I'm busy the day fly's by). The problem was, I had to use his computer to do it. So, he left for the gym (he works out every day at 10:30 & then heads to lunch & doesn't get back until 2:00 p.m).

No problem, I knew I could get it done in that time frame. Well, it was soooo time consuming, but I finished it 15 minutes before he got back. Then he decided he wanted things to look different than he had previously said. I changed several pictures/layouts and made all the copies to get ready for their presentation.

We were on a time crunch and I was running out of time. He kept asking me, "How's it coming? Is it ready? I need that stuff!" I was stressing and some of the pictures weren't printing. Every time I tried to tell him he would say, "SHHHH...just hand it to me!"

I was still printing, but gave it to him and thought, "OK, I'll just add the extra pictures in as they come out." He yelled, "What are you still printing? I'm trying to put these all together, I thought they were all here." I tried to tell him what was happening, when he sooshed me AGAIN! I'm sorry but that is a HUGE pet peeve...I can't stand to be sooshed. I think it's SO RUDE!

Then I heard him say from the other room, "I can't do anything because SOMEONE'S on MY computer."

WHAT...Are you kidding me? It wasn't my choice to be on his computer, he didn't want to forward it to me and told me too.

I do pretty well to hold my tongue at work (unlike home when my husband tries to shoosh me.) But the problem with holding it in...I feel like I'm going to explode or cry! So I said, "You asked me a question and I'm trying to answer you." I don't think it came out super rude, but I think he knew I was mad. I was completely quiet after that. He tried to make a few light joking comments, but I wasn't in the mood. He told me thank you as I was leaving, but I was mad.

I left work 45 minutes late and felt like screaming! Once inside my car I could feel myself tearing up from holding in my anger. I hate to cry...I feel so weak. So instead of totally breaking down, I decided to rant and rave to all of you.

I hate days like this.........


Sarah said...

99% of the time when I'm mad I cry instead of yell. I think what you said to him probably woke him up a bit but it sucks that people don't realize, or care, when they act like that towards others. Seems he could have skipped the gym if it was THAT big of a deal...or cut his lunch.

Kimmy said...

Oh boy, do I know what you mean!!! First, I think blogging and sharing what you've gone through really helps. I've had to myself MANY times!!
Second, I think it helps cause people like me can TOTALLY relate and I think it helps when you know others are out there dealing with the same issues.
My boss is the same way. He's almost old enough to be my dad but I've worked with him for 7 yrs so I know that I can snap back at him when he is making me mad. And believe me....I HAVE!!! lol
I'm sorry you had a day like that and it's never fun to start a week off like that but I sure hope it gets better and your boss can show his appreciation with a possible "Sorry" but we all know most men have a problem with saying that word (like my husband) and they tend to use jokes instead of actually saying the word.
Hope you have a wonderful day and your week gets better!!!! *hugs*

April said...

Oh, I would be fuming! I can't believe you held your tongue...I don't know if I could have! I hate men with ego's like that. Next time he comes in from lunch with that attitude, tell him to check his ego at the door!!! Then maybe he'll start to show you a little appreciation!

StacyB said...

I'm betting you don't want to hear or read what I would have said.
Your sister with no tact