Tuesday, November 1, 2011


On Saturday my boss and her sister went to go watch a Halloween Thriller dance out in Riverside that she heard about from the news. Unfortunately the dancers never performed that day, but they they had a nice day out. While heading back to their car they spotted a Ford Explorer with their hazard lights on, obviously broken down in the middle of the road. The cars were piled up behind her...so my boss, who's 60, and her sister who's also in her 60's ran over, got beside & behind the car and yelled to the lady who had her window cracked to put it in neutral and they'd push her off to the side. The lady struggled, but eventually was able to, never looking back to see who had offered or saying anything. As they began to push, a young guy ran from across the street to help.

While struggling behind the weight of the car, they noticed there was a man in the passenger seat & two teenage kids sitting in the back. The man slightly opened his door as the car begin to slowly roll due to the efforts of the two 60+ year old ladies...but then closed it. He actually sat there letting them push him safely to the side of the road! 

The lady waved her hand at them, as my boss & her sister looked at each other in amazement but just said, "Well, I guess we did our good deed for the day."

All I can say about that is, "WOW...ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"


Anonymous said...

So absolutely pathetic how the "equal rights for women," has become a "You're on your own ladies" mentality now. Two weeks ago I was struggling to put an office size refrigerator into my car (from Costco). I am almost 68 years old and have a super bad back. While struggling to maneuver the refrigerator into my little Honda Civic, THREE, that's right, THREE perfectly strong and healthy males looked at me as they walked by and kept right on walking (they were not together, and each walked by at different times). I was so mad I wanted to grab them and throw them to the ground!!! (If I hadn't been struggling with that darned refrigerator, I would have! Hee). Anyway, not a surprise to me that the three males INSIDE the disabled car would sit there with no conscience and be STUPID! Tell your boss and her sister that they had better control than I would have had---good for them! Mommy

Lucy said...

That seems to be the thing of the day. Just sit there in the car and let every one else do the work. Pathetic!!!! Hope you are back to your usual bouncy self.

L0veLindsey said...

People are lazy. With that being said.. we need more people like your boss in this world who are willing to help someone out. I can't stand people who see people struggling and don't help. They definitely handled it better than I would have. As soon as I saw the man in the car I would have stopped and told him to either get out and help or do it himself. Rude, rude, rude..


April said...

No way! That sounds like something that would be in a movie! If I saw that, I seriously would have gone up to the guy and said "Are you kidding me? This is a joke, right?" Wow! Seriously lazy and rude people nowadays! Sad what this world has come to!

Bethany said...

Wow, that's just beyond sad :(