Friday, May 11, 2012

Prom Fashion 2012 (Behind the Scenes)

Last weekend was a big event for my boys...PROM. Adam's a Senior & Elijah's a Junior so we had two going this year. I have to say I'm pretty thankful I don't have girls to have to deal with (hair, make-up, dress, shoes=drama & $$!)

Adam decided he didn't want to wear a tux, but Elijah & his friends were all getting decked out and he was excited about getting to wear one. So here's the extent of  the drama a mother with boys faces:

I asked Elijah if he wanted to look different than everyone else. He said, "Sure, whatever." He's a pretty easy going kid and goes with the flow. Well, everyone knows that it's pretty hard for a boy to stand out, especially wearing a tux. The standard is-black or white tux with a vest, bow tie & pocket hanky matching the color of their dates dress. My first question was, "Elijah, what color is your dates dress?" He said, "It's coral." Then a huge grin crossed his face as he went on to say, "I didn't know what color that was when she told me so I said, Oh so you're wearing blue?" I started cracking up. BOYS!

When we got to the tux shop, I had the poor sales guy trying all different sorts of mix & matches on the mannequin for me. Nothing looked quite right & when I'd ask Elijah what he thought, he'd shrug his shoulders & say, "Don't ask me." After a while, I said, "Okay, so would you be okay wearing a ruffled shirt? "Sure, I guess." Wow...this is easy! Now, I know most of you are thinking...ruffles...what the heck? It's not the 70's. But my oldest son Josh did it for his prom years ago & it looked so cool, different & everyone loved it. The kid who was helping us had a concerned look on his face & said, "I'll throw in a plain white shirt at no charge just in case." I know he thought, "What's this poor kids mom doing to him?" We had a coral bow tie (which I wasn't planning on having him wear) a white ruffled shirt, trimmed in black, black vest & tux & a coral hanky to coordinate with his dates dress. So, here's the end result...what do you think? He was the only one wearing it and everyone loved it! More importantly...he did too!

Now Adam on the other hand had his outfit all picked out ahead of time. Black shirt & pants, red bow tie (that you have to tie yourself) and red vans to match his girlfriends red dress. Boys always wait till the last minute to get ready. So Adam had me iron his pants and brand new shirt 20 minutes before we were leaving. No biggy right? Wrong. I finished and then he came in to tell me, his new shirt was too big, he never tried it on. I had to rush and iron another shirt, while he watched a video to try & figure out how to tie his bow tie...which was harder than he thought. He couldn't do it so we took a few pictures at home with it undone

Luckily when we went to our friends house for our first picture stop, there was a lady who knew how to do it. Whew!

Both boys were all decked out & lookin' handsome; Adam went to one house to eat & take a bus with a group of his friends & Elijah headed to his friends house to do the same. We rushed to get pictures of Adam first & then headed over to get pictures of Elijah.

 As you can's quite the event here in Orange County, CA. There's tons of food, sit down dinner w/decorated tables, even parents get more dressed up than normal and run around snapping picture after picture until the bus arrives to whisk our brats oops I meant to say to Prom.

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April said...

I loved his outfit! He totally rocked it!:) So handsome!