Monday, April 30, 2012

So You Want to Be a Sports Agent?

My son Elijah is in an International Business program at his high school "The Center for International Business and Communications Studies" (CIBACS.) For his junior year project he had to choose a career he might be interested in and intern there. He chose a Sports Agent. He spent 10 hours working for a Major League Baseball sports agency, Full Circle Sports Management. I was able to help him find the contact through my boss who's good friend is the owner of the agency.

They came up with a project that would not only teach him a part of their business but also help their company. He had to make housing spreadsheets for every MLB team & their lower divisions (AAA, AA, A+ & A.) He then had to contact apartment complexes in the area of each team and compile a list that the agency would be able to use and give their players. He also organized player information in the office. The project ended up actually being more than 10 hours...he worked at home for weeks. He also learned about becoming an agent, the schooling needed (a lot of agents have law degrees-but it's not required), the positive & negative aspects of the business. It was such a great opportunity & Elijah realized that this is truly something he would like to pursue.

On Saturday, all the Junior Class CIBACS students gave individual presentations in front of a panel of judges. This included PowerPoint, portfolio, and job description presentations. I was able to sit quietly in the back behind the judges and watch. He is such an amazing speaker/presenter. I asked him after if he was nervous (he didn't show it...and I would've been freaking out!) and he said, "No not at all."

After a few hours, the judges tallied up all the votes and during a luncheon, handed out the awards.
Elijah ended up winning the TOP Award "Outstanding Portfolio and Product Presentation 2012!" He was shocked...and didn't expect it at all.
Can you tell he was shocked? Look at his face!

Congrats never cease to amaze me. You give your all in all you do and I'm one proud mama!
Proud Papa too!


~Trish~ said...

Hello beautiful! Long time no comment :) I see you and your family are as happy as ever, I need to catch up on everything!! I also need to catch up on MY blogging!!! LOL Watch for it...I might just suprise you and start again!!!

Anonymous said...

What a guy....not only handsome, but intelligent, dedicated, driven and loving. He's going to make some girl one happy wife-----SOMEDAY! CONGRATS, my Lijey! I love you! Grandma B