Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Baby's 17?

Today is my baby boy, Elijah's 17th Birthday. I've been so blessed to have such an incredible son. He's always made my life easy. Since the day he was born he was just the perfect little boy. He was just born responsible. It's never been anything I've had to teach him.

At the age of 5...the night before he was going to start kindergarten, I went downstairs to see if he had everything he needed for the next day and found him packing his own lunch! I told him I was going to pack it after he went to bed and he said, "That's okay mommy, I can do it." He wanted to be prepared and ready for his big day.

As he got older his big brothers would often make him their little slave, taking advantage of his responsible, kind, sweet, loving nature and disposition (as most older brothers do.) They made him pack their lunches everyday too. He never seemed to mind and was always willing to do whatever he could to help his brothers.

When it came time for homework...I would tell him, "Okay Lijey, it's homework time." Only to have him say, "I already did it mommy." To this day, he never has to be told to do his homework. He has an incredible inner drive, whether it's school work, sports etc. He always gives 100% in everything he does.

He has such a caring, love for his family and friends. He never wants to see anyone hurting or upset and will do whatever he can to help people. I'm so proud of my son and truly am so blessed. He has brought so much joy and love into my life. So today I want my son to know that he is loved beyond what words can express. He is such an amazing & special boy. I know the Lord has great plans for him!
Nike Football Combine Last Weekend (He ranked in the Top 88th Percentile of all tested Class of 2013)

Football Parent Appreciation Night
Thank you for being such a wonderful son! HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY! I Love You!!!
Last Years Football Luncheon


Michelle Lefaoseu said...

This was beautiful Lisa. He has a great mom and family. Happy Birthday Lijey!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Thank you Michelle!:D

Pam the Realtor said...

You do have some extremely handsome kids!